12 Week Scan

It’s arrived – the ultrasound of our Bump Lentil, 15th October 2015.  The nerves are quivering, and I’m so compelled to scream.  Will Bump Lentil be healthy?  Is Bump Lentil surrounded by a nutritional environment?  The amount of times I was questioning myself was as often as Doris from Finding Nemo forgets. Timidly, I wait for the picture to appear on the screen in the dark room.  Martin has a calm exterior about himself.  Why does he effortlessly look cool and not troubled?  He is always so positive and takes things easy, which is always reassuring.   I shudder when the sounds of the horses galloping appear again.  What a hell of a relief! Tears detonate all over my face.  Bump Lentil appears on the screen so visible than before, with a big head, cute legs sort of bended at the knee and non-stop active. This was worth the gallon of water drinking, and holding the urge to pee, whilst my stomach is being pressed to produce these images.

The anatomy is checked, that being the skull, brain, arms, legs, heart, bowel, stomach, etc along with any indication of Down’s syndrome.  We were given the all clear which was so soothing to hear from the lovely doctor.  By the way, she was so friendly and gave us more than the maximum of photos allowed.

It does not matter that I am not showing Bump Lentil yet. I have proof that I am pregnant, that I am carrying life within me.  That all the pregnancy symptoms I am facing, is not for a nonentity.  This will always be a milestone.


A lovely card given by Monica, Jimvee and Elvis.

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