20 Week Scan

The 7th December arrived, 3 days before my birthday and it’s our 3rd scan.  Just like the 12 week scan, my thoughts wander and over think everything. Have we done everything we can so far to provide a healthy baby?  Is all OK with Bump Lentil? Are they going to see a deformity ? My head feels like a roller coaster, as it’s just filling up with too many questions.  At the same time, I’ve drunken so much water, in aid for the images to be clear on the scan.  We weren’t taken to the same area in the maternity ward  but to the X-Ray department.  Nervously, I start seeing other mums to be with their pregnancy notes and bumps.  I just know some are as edgy as  me and others are quite content.

We are called in, and follow the normal procedure of lying on the bed, with jeans lowered and top up.  On the screen is our Bump Lentil, much bigger than last time.  The same anatomy is checked but the nurse can only check a few bits because bump was not in the right position.  We are advised to have a 10 minute walk so that bump can move around to get the other areas scanned and checked.  She announced to us all appears to be healthy and that Lil’ Lentil was very active.  I am immersed with the good news.  I ponder to the nurse if she can tell distinguish the sex.  Martin and I are revelled in the announcement that we are having a baby boy 🙂 What a wonderful birthday gift from Bump Lentil.

20 week scan pregnancy

20 week scan



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