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 A mum who would love to help declutter your mind, with stylish checklists and spreadsheets for many moments in parenthood!  A mum who’s geekiness comes out and shares the love of gadgets and technology and tries to make it easy to use for you.

As a mum I know how hectic it can be to want to do so much stuff in a day, a week , a year.  I’ve therefore made it my goal to give as much help as possible for all those important things with checklists, spreadsheets and how to galore!

I’m Laila, a 32 year old mum to a 9 month old baby, Joshua – who is so adorable and looks like Astro Boy! (Obviously I am biased).  I am engaged to Martin, tall and handsome with a weird Cumbrian accent.  Born in Britain but made in Philippines, living in Epsom.  As a kid I loved writing, but that eventually withered away once the parties, drink and fancy food was introduced to my life. I started blogging which was short lived a few years ago about online dating as I went on so many cringe worthy dates (with the odd good ones).  That’s how I met Martin 😉 and so I stopped blogging my dates.

I wanted to reignite my passion for writing and started Lais Little Life  a year ago in 2016.  After writing about anything, I now want to focus on helping mums (dads welcome) out there to help organise their chaotic lives.  I am a lover of checklists and spreadsheets.  I am a total organiser, so much so that there is so many boxes labelled and categorised in nearly every room. My wardrobe is either colour arranged or type of clothing arranged.  My laptop is full of excel and word documents!

My other love is gadgets and technology.  From experience I am always helping my mum and dad, family and friends.  Even at work, I work in the IT industry.  Not everyone picks up gadgets and technology easily – and so I would love to help those out there with simple tips and tricks on all these computerised, battery powered items!

I would love you to join my mailing list.  I promise you won’t be bombarded loads.  You will receive easy checklists and spreadsheets to help with those crazy moments.

It would also be great to hear from you what you want to see on Lais Little Life.  So please comment on here, or my other social media areas, and I will reply J



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