Announcing our Baby Lentil

A barmaid approaches Gary handing him an envelope without his name on it.  Gary refuses, indicating the envelope does not belong to him.  The barmaid presses on addressing the situation that it fell out of his pocket.  He hesitantly opens the envelope and reveals a baby scan.  A bit confused, he reads the message and then has to put his glasses on to double check.  He turns to Martin and I, shockingly and happily.  This was our fun way of telling Gary, Martins dad he is going to be a grandpa.  He shared the news with his partner, Heather.  I have never seen Gary skip with joyful side kick!

A Skype Video call is about to occur with Pauline, Martins mum.  The first thing she will see is the baby scan pushed against the phone.  A tear trickles out from Pauline’s eyes.  She is ecstatic about the breaking news.  Martin then explains everything we have gone through, and what stage we are at.  A relief brushes across me, knowing that both families welcome the news.

Quite early on, I tell my boss – and being in an uncontrollable state, I cry.  Crazy hormones!  The rest of work finds out later when I was ready to put the Baby on Board badge.  Some didn’t notice, and even with a little noticeable bump, some realised much later.  They just thought I was getting a bit fat and didn’t want to offend me if I was pregnant.  Haha.

The easiest way of sharing the news with our friends, was Martin posting a comment on facebook which made me giggle.

Announcing on Facebook

Announcing on Facebook

It’ll be lovely to hear from you on how you told others?

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