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Organising a cake smash

How to get great photos in a cake smash.

Cake Smash

I’m doing this not only to help you mumma’s out there organising a cake smash – but just to show how cute Joshua and his friends are! If you can’t handle mess – then don’t do it! We were not really planning on having anything big on Joshua’s birthday as long as he got a big present from us and a cake.

He’s had a big baptism party  so I didn’t feel he needed another big party, but as long as we celebrate his 1 year 🙂  Lets be honest, 1 year olds can’t appreciate all the hard work for a party or the gifts! Joshua ended up sharing two cake smashes with his fellow baby friends to celebrate all of their birthdays! Yes – this is a group baby smash!

If you are wondering what is a cake smash? It involves cake, babies and mess (usually)! It’s letting your one year old loose on a giant cake whilst being pictured, and is normally celebrated when babies turn 1. It started off in the US and we have adopted it here in the UK, along with usually a bath afterwards.

I can’t believe how far Joshua has come – a year has flown by so fast! Not only is he growing up, his personality is developing, which I love seeing. Martin and I have grown as well and have learnt so much as parents. We’ve all survived a year of no sleep, crying, nappies, and of course experienced the great giggles, the baby milestones, and the pure love between us, a family.

So why not celebrate with a cake for your baby? Don’t fret about giving sugar .  It’s not a whole cake they will eat. So loosen up mummies and here’s some tips.

1. Either stick a protective pretty table cloth/mat/paper on the wall and floor. It’ll act as a backdrop in your photos, and your walls and floors won’t be covered in icing! I would recommend a white or neutral background. If you are daring, then light colour prints are brilliant.  I used a photo stand and yellow chevron paper roll which is worth it if you know you will use them again for other photo opportunities.  For example I used them as a back drop in my Bride to Be boxes post.  There’s a whole range paper rolls at Creativity Backgrounds. Alternatively stick the paper on your wall, or just use a wall as a backdrop.

2. Protect your floor /carpet with a waterproof mat, or some paper, or old table linen for when the actual cake smash happens. We also placed some play mats underneath, so it was comfy for the babies and safe. The yellow chevron easy wipe mat seen on the photos can be found on Amazon. I didn’t have to worry too much about mess!

Cake Smash

3. Try and get as much natural light in as possible, and turn the indoor lights off. If you are quite particular on your photos I’d advise to take 1 or 2 practice shots to see how it all turns out. Also, don’t force the babies to look at the camera.  Otherwise you will be there forever trying to get the best shot. The natural ones can be the best and are just as beautiful!

Cake Smash

4. Have an idea of what colours you want to used.  As both cake smashes were mixed with boys and girls, it was a bit easier for us to mix the colours up. I think its so nice to have bright colours.  It makes the photos look so much better 🙂

5. For the decorations, use some bunting, or pom poms.  Balloons are a hit with the babies as they love to play with them. Don’t forget to have one or 2 toys in case you need to entertain or distract the babies. We added a large photo frame which looks great. There’s so much you can add – go wild with the number 1 figure or chalkboard with a happy birthday message. Anything to represent the babies throughout the year, or your themed idea? – Safari, a CBeebies show?

6. For the cake – you really don’t need to buy an extravagant cake. Its only going to be ruined the babies. One of the mums bought cake from Costco and another mum made the cake. Don’t forget food for yourself and the other mums.

7. Please , please , pleeeeeease get your baby in a cute outfit. A typical cake smash outfit for boys is shorts, hat and bow tie. For a girl, its some frilly  shorts or a tutu with a hat. It will give the photos some oomph! And dress up is total fun!

8. There is no need to buy some brand new spanking camera – just use the lens from your mobile phone. The pictures here are taken from my  Samsung S7 Edge, with no filters. I’m sure you have a phone already with a camera 😉

9. Consider clean up – how will the babies be cleaned afterwards? Bath or wipes? This is a great chance to take bath photos! You’ve got to clean those babies afterwards! The bath photos are so cute!

10. Have fun! Don’t stress. Expect babies to cry, love it, eat loads and be messy.

P.S If doing a cake smash with other babies – don’t forget to share the expenses and dish out tasks to each mum.  It’s such a cheap way to get together and celebrate the birthdays.

We really didn’t spend much.  In total for one cake smash it was £122 which was shared amongst all the mums – and that was mainly food for us adults. You don’t have to go extravagant and everyone can share the work load.  I’m so grateful I have these other mums to share these moments with.  They have all been a blessing whilst on maternity leave and I know I’ll have some great friends when I return back to work.

Watch the cake smash below.  Please share and follow 🙂

For more pictures please click here.

I’d love to see your cake smash photos! Please post them below 🙂



Cake Smash Gallery

Cake Smash

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ewan the dream sheep

Ewan The Dream Sheep Review – Sleep Aid for Babies

Do you have sleepless nights with your baby?  Are you struggling to get your baby to nap?


I have been through many many nights of being barely awake, stumbling out of bed and zombie walking to Joshua’s cot. The nights were consumed with constant nursing, of which over half of the time was just suckling! And oh my gosh, dare I take him away from the comfort feeding, Joshua would cry out with deafening screams.  I would barely see my own bed. I yearned to lye down in the comfort of my duvet. I started to dred nursing – it felt like all day – and really the only thing I mainly did! I didn’t question the nursing as I felt at the time he needed it. When I managed to eventually lye him in his own cot sleeping, he inevitably woke up a few minutes later and every hour thereafter. Nursing greatly helped him to sleep, but not enough to move him into his cot. – ahhhhhh! Rocking him got so tiring which led to each time lasting longer. Singing didn’t help, as I can never remember any nursery songs or lullabies. It got absurd, where my days were a complete mess. The amount of times I had to rest or stop whilst driving in the day because I was too tired. Words and thoughts would get jumbled and I really wasn’t functioning very well.

My head was screeching for a change, and so I looked into a sleep consultant. An amazing decision of which I will tell you more on another post but one of the recommendations was to utilise the Baby Shusher app. This provides a shushing sound at an adjustable volume for a desired time. The big annoyance of this was that my phone disappeared as it had to be close by to Joshua. Having reviewed Ewan the Dream Sheep (which can be found below) I wish I had him from the beginning or when we started the sleep training. I recall Joshua calming down when the sound of rain was played, but like the Baby Shusher app, my phone had to be in the presence of Joshua, which just meant I couldn’t do anything else with my phone. So what I love about Ewan the dream sheep, is that it’s a cuddly toy and therefore my phone doesn’t need to be accessed at all!  Hurrah.

ewan the dream sheep close up

There are 4 different pink noise sounds that Ewan the dream sheep emits, the vacuum cleaner, rain, harp and womb all with a heartbeat which really works some sort of magic to settle babies, along with his tummy glowing. Pink noise masks out high pitched frequencies that can be stress inducing to babies. It can be great for drowning out certain noises. Joshua would have heard my heartbeat all through my pregnancy, so these sounds would be familiar and natural, calming him down. These 4 sounds are actual recordings rather than computer generated. By clicking on any legs, the sound is played and lasts 20 minutes when in normal mode. By clicking the leg again it will automatically stop, or depending on which leg, another song is played. When babies are newborn, its highly recommended not placing cuddly toys in the cot due to risk of suffocation. The velcro easily positions Ewan the dream sheep high up on the cot bar, out of reach. You can also place him on the pram. As mentioned on the video, it doesn’t help Joshua to go to sleep immediately but it does soothe him, and therefore he falls asleep on his own, or it relax’s him when he is having his tantrum moments. I think this is due to him being nearly 1 years old. However I don’t see that as a downfall, rather a prop to help him when needed. What baby doesn’t like a cuddly toy anyway? The only small gripe I have is that you can’t put Ewan the dream sheep in the washing machine so i will have to surface clean only. At £29.99 I would have bought this when Joshua was born. There are also other similar soft toys, but they don’t have the light function or use pink noise. However if you are looking for something cheaper, there are of course white noise apps under £5.00

Ewan the Dream Sheep

Please check out my video below.

Stuck what to get on Mothers Day? Send your love with Prestige Flowers.

Go traditional on Mothers Day as every mum loves a bouquet given to her.

We all wonder what to buy or create for our mums, on Mothers Day.  Go simple but yet beautiful with Prestige Flowers.

Greeted at the door was a large monochrome box that reached above my knees.  Ooooh, I love large deliveries! The packaging had a repeated flowers and leaves print surrounding the box, with the text Prestige Flowers whom are voted the number 1 online florist on review centre. Trying to anticipate what bouquet Prestige Flowers  sent me to review, I tear open the box with excitement. My nose recognises the gentle sweet scent of flesh flowers. Giving the bouquet an elegant feel, it is wrapped in a cellophane checkered scribbled pattern, with a black gift bag.

The flowers are arranged beautifully, which is a combination of some of their luxury range, with subtle pink hints from the sorbet Roses that provide a feel of enchantment and love, complimented with large Anastasia blooms. To help emphasise the roses, there are clusters of soft Stallion Chrysanthemums, and dashes of soft pink Bourdovia buds. When blossomed, they are a stunning pop of fuchsia brightness to add to the carefully selected flowers. I’m not an expert on maintaining flowers, so was pleased there was a flower care card, along with a voucher.  YAY!

Prestige Flowers  are offering all Mothers Day order a chance to win free flowers for a year!! And if you are quick, there is some great sales to save on those pennies! There are also upgrade options to increase the quantity of stems, given the fuller dramatic look.  Want to add something extra, then why not consider added a vase, cuddly bear, chocolates or a balloon? Visit Prestige Flowers by clicking here.

prestige flowers in a vase

Stuck on leaving a message on the card? Boost her ego by confirming all the advice she has provided works! Pour your gratitude onto the hard work she does for you. Or simply show you have your mum in your mind. Some kind words with flowers is all that is needed to put a smile on a mums face.  Here’s a few:

“You’ve taught me to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings.”

“You looked into me and saw something worth believing in, long before I believed in myself.”

“All that I am or hope to be, I owe to you, mum.”

“You taught me a woman’s mind should be the most beautiful part of me.”

“From teenage tantrums to adult ones, thank you for always handling my crap.”

Say thank you with Prestige Flowers, on Mothers Day..

everything i am flowers

searching for childcare

Searching for childcare ?

searching for childcare


Is your head spinning looking for a childminder? You are not alone!  I am going through this dilemma as i reluctantly plan to go back to work and hopefully excel at my job again.  Being on maternity leave for a year does obviously change the skillset (hopefully for the better!) but would things change drastically?  Will I remember or pick things up quickly? Can I handle working?

To accompany the fear of returning to work, I am also faced with the worries about being a working mummy.  I am being presented with utter guilt of leaving Joshua in someone else’s’ care.  I actually want to be there with him, to see all those amazing milestones that he will achieve.  Experiencing his firsts for activities will be shared with a stranger or family member but not I! So to add to the mix – I wanted to find the best environment for Joshua.

A home that he would develop and learn in, with enough space that he can cruise around and have fun, along with insurance of his safety.  With an array of questions, examining the childminders personality and capability becomes part of the quest to find the most suitable childminder.

I’ve got to say – I’m no expert but i have seen my fair share of childminders already.  And I have to be honest – there are some shocking childminders out there! How they get away with it – and charge – ludicrous! Martin, Joshua and I had met various childminders – to the point I was getting so fed up! How can one, not watch your potential client, in this instance Joshua and not notice he was playing with a sharp fork which was in the toy box which was put down infront of him?

No apology or haste to get it away from him.  How about a tiny room filled with 9 children! Or taking on friends children randomly without any planning? What about loads of toys of different ages being mixed? Would you like the childminder aggressively dumping your child on a sofa? Or saying no I don’t take the children out (even though there is no garden)?

You may think I’m picky but I want a home away from home style carer, whereby values, exploring, and caring are met. I understand it can be a bad day (we all have them), and I totally get that not 100% attention will be there as it needs to be shared amongst all the children.  However I want the best for my child, especially when I am paying for it – childcare is not cheap!

So when you see the childminder and her home, treat it like an interview.  Just as much as you are interrogating her, she will query about your child and you.  One of my childminder friends mentioned that it’s just as important to get on with the parents and for the child to fit in with the other children. Well said! I’m so happy with the one I found!

I’ve put together a quick list of a few questions to help you understand the childminders skills, along with helping you decide if they are suitable to your needs.  I hope it helps!

How to get there ?

Consider the travel journey of how easy it is to get there and to work. Would you need to leave the car or pram in the vicinity? Location is such a big part, especially if you have got to be at work at peak times and come back at peak times.


Is the price reasonable compared to others? Most childminders include meals and snacks.  Some even include trips.?  Are there any caveats – ie lateness, upfront costs, sickness costs?

What is the environment like?

Does it look clean to you? Is it safe for your child? Is there a decent amount of space for the total number of children on the day?

Attitude of childminder  

How comfortable are you with her?  How is she towards your child?  How does your child react with her? Is she nice?  Is she pushy? Is she stern? Is she strict

What is their availability?

Can she do the days that you require? How flexible in times is she? Is she going away/on holiday? Does she work during holiday seasons?

How do you provide insurance of safety?

Look around the place !

Childminders qualifications

Is she Ofsted registered? Are they doing any courses? What is the training they have done? Its great to know they are putting effort and learning new skills to look after your child. Where is their experience?

What activities do you provide?

Is there plenty of good quality toys, equipment and resources?

How do you discipline?

Are their policies and rules? Is positive methods used?

How do you support learning & development?

What type of interactions is used? Praise, encouragement and laughter? Are themes used? Are the activities engaging and able to develop the child? Is the Early Years Foundation Stage met?

Do you have a routine/follow a child’s routine?

Is the days planned and structured? Do you know where your child will be and what they will be doing?

How many children do you look after?

Childminders can care  for 6 children under 8 years old, along with only 1 under 1 year old.  Check on the days you would like how many they would look after and if you were happy with the age range.

Do my child and I feel comfortable?

Its so vital that both will get on!?

How do you keep me informed?

When dropping and picking up your child, sometimes these are rushed moments and there isn’t always time for a catchup.  How else can the childminder update you?  And in turn how can you update them?  Notebooks? Emails? Childcare app on phone?


Whats the process and what happens when either the childminder, your baby or other babies are sick on holiday?


Click below for your free printable!







mums helping mums


mums helping mums
This morning, tears flowed out on the thin film over my eyeballs and then dripped onto my cheeks. I wanted JJ to sleep so he could be his bubbly self throughout the day.  Obviously the selfish part was I wanted a snooze, or a small break.  I’ve been up since 440am rocking his heavy body to go back to sleep with my arms aching.  Then came nap time, and JJ was screaming to go to sleep but he kept arching himself going crazy, throwing his arms and legs everywhere.  So I continued with the gentle rocking and finally, the little monster turned into an angel sleeping.

All mums (and dads), go through a whirl wind of emotions such as above, extreme fatigue, unbelievable multi-tasking, and nonstop organising.  A never ending unpaid job! We all get hell days or even minutes which can seem everlasting. So a little help from other mums is a welcome! From a mum to another, every small gesture goes a long way, so maybe some items that can be borrowed, a playdate arranged, advice given or a smile from afar.

From other mums; my mum, cousin, friends, NCT group and Babycentre group have all lent me a handful of items.  From sleepyhead, Moses basket, sterilisers, clothes, toys, seats and books; all these items add up.  I’ve also received used clothes but in great condition! Absolutely amazing!  For little babies, clothing and items can be so ridiculously priced! Items for Sale in the local area on Facebook groups is money saving! I’ve bought loads from there.

The time has come, and I get to pass items on.  Maybe they will return once I have another child but that will be quite some time!  Ahahaha! This was a huge box and I don’t think the receiver was expecting this much goodies!  I think it came to around £400 worth of mummy and baby stuff! WOW!


Share the love and help where you can.




Joshua 2016

A reflection of 2016

Joshua 2016

How has your 2016 been?  What are you wishing for in 2017?

I started this blog January this year, and boy has it expanded to 53 posts! Never could I have imagined the amount of followers on WordPress, Facebook and Instagram that has been achieved.  I’m pulling a lovely grin at the moment 😉 A reflection on these last 12 months is definitely required. This year has brought pretty little things wrapped up, annoying body problems, pushed my baby out, loss of my dad and promised with forever diamonds. There’s been long miles of travel in the UK with a new born, to sleepless nights and days, baby attached to boob, and confused minds.  Whilst this has all gone on, I am constantly trying to adapt to the change of life, without going skitso!

At the start of the year, it was incomparable to now – I hadn’t entered my world.  Normally each year is the same-ish, but this one has had drastic changes.  Let’s begin with me being in a well-paid job, to then looking after JJ at home. Work was my life.  They say you are meant to work to live but I loved working.  It consumed a lot of me.  I would take the company mobile with me on holidays and respond to emails and calls.  On the way to work and returning home, where these hours were unpaid, I would still be tapping at the phone replying to mail.

martin and joshua

My inbox at work was one of the largest in the company – lol!  Putting on my pencil skirts and fancy blouse, hopping onto the train, sipping any type of caffeine and walking across Vauxhall Bridge to work was part of my routine for years.  Keyboard typing, bossing colleagues about and solving, helping and improving anything within work was, just me.  As sad as that may seem – I was a work a holic.  I even said I was going to come back early to work during maternity.  Oh what being a first time mummy can do to your world! I quickly realised I was not ready to go back to work and would take the whole maternity year.  It changes everything! LOL! I just wanted to spend as much time with JJ.

My mum worked all the time – she meant well and worked her socks off, but I didn’t see her as much as I wanted to.  Years pass so quickly and JJ won’t stay little forever.  Putting my career on hold for however long is what I want to do because I really want to be involved in JJ’s milestones, even if he does have his crazy moments !

Everyone warns you about enjoying being you, enjoying moments with your partner, enjoying the freedom because it’s much harder to achieve.  I struggled with the idea that it was not about Martin and I anymore.  I have to put my little JJ first.  He is my world but gosh can he test me to my limits.  From doing whatever I wanted whenever I chose to, to now being limited – or just for things to take sooooo much longer!  Crikey – it is such an impact.

I’ve lost my morning lie ins in my cosy bed, my late nights going to bed, randomly going out with family and friends, putting time into things I love, like cycling, reading comics and painting. Let’s not forget the small things, like having a shower, a pee or poo without being disturbed or rushed. I miss coffee not quietly getting cold, driving without hearing screams, a decent run of sleep hours, nipples not leaking, covering boob clothing and time for being me.  This is not a moan at all – I’m just trying to show I have found it hard.

From office work to a mum, a cleaner, an organiser, multi tasker, aerobics,  a body guard, a teacher, a chauffeur, a sports person, best friend of google, for me an absolute achiever.  A damn hard worker.  I am not on holiday! I’d like to see you be covered with pee constantly, smell the poo that comes out JJ’s ass, grow muscles you never knew you had, constantly every day.  Strangely, it’s all freaking worth it! I love making JJ laugh – his laughter completely melts me away.  Even though it can be tiring, every new leap he goes through makes me know I’m doing something right, and that is what is so rewarding.

Now factor this in with my dad passing away.  I don’t even know what to write here.  I have an emptiness of words on this matter.  When you love someone, and then their presence is gone. How does one feel?  I still go to my mums and dads place expecting him to be there, to say a not funny dad joke (but others find funny).  I long for those random calls that my car needs an MOT even though I know it does.  I miss our competiveness about the latest products.  I crave on getting annoyed easily when teaching him how to work his phone or laptop.  Then to see my mum continue without him, her love of her life, not sharing the same bed any more, the morning awakenings and daily talks disappear – is another struggle.  I try my upmost to make sure she doesn’t feel so alone, but I can’t be there with her every moment. That makes me feel utter helpless.   Through this, I feel she is strong.  She doesn’t think so – but to continue and get on with everything  – that is a strong minded woman.  I love you mum.

I feel on top of the world as diamonds are really a girl’s best friend.  Hahahahahaha! Knowing there is a promise to death do us part, is reassuring.  I was never the type to be bothered about marriage until I met Martin ahahahaha! Just the fact that I am still loved through all my ugly moments and stupid moments, just creates a big smile! I know that we have so much to experience together and cannot wait for the ‘I do’. He’s been so supportive, (95% of the time – hahahaha) that I really couldn’t get past this year without him.  And dealing with all my demands – wow!

I have come to know some great mummies and without them all, I would feel so lonely.  They have been such an amazing supportive group about everything.  Having those coffee meet ups and play dates are greatly needed so I don’t go insane!

What have I learnt from this year?  That I truly can cope – that I am strong when I thought I was weak, mentally and physically.  I get on with things because I have to; I want to.  I am not as selfish as I thought – (except with snacks and desserts with Martin).  I can love a little human being as wide as the galaxy.  I understand why mums do what they do – they are trying to make a good home, and in order to do that things need to be done their own way.  It’s really something that I didn’t grasp before.  I’ve never lost someone so important to me, so I know I just want to enjoy every moment with everyone I cherish. Family and friends means much more to me now than ever before.  I know that a lot can change but I can make it work to the best of my ability.

Through this here are my wishes that I will upon for 2017:

  • To be the super duper fun mum and not get annoyed so often (Very hard to do ahahaha)
  • To continue with the little craze of exercise the last 2 weeks. It will really help with my back issues and hopefully will help trim down all the chocolate I’ve been eating.
  • To spend more time with family. The last couple of days I’ve made more of an effort even for a short while – so really glad!
  • To cook more often for Martin coz I’m really not a chef!
  • To keep up with more collateral for the blog!
  • Have a new family home. (It’s going sooooo sloooooow)
  • Get cracking on planning for our wedding.
  • Normally I would have a career goal but that’s not gone, it’s just on hold.

5 Minute Fun

Today Martin and I got a chance to play with JJ with using 5 Minute Fun activities. These are simple free ideas to engage children and develop their learning.  I’m quite keen on this concept as some days it can be hard to think of new things to do with JJ, that doesn’t involve money or a new toy.  It’s nice to be able to provide new changes that he can interact with.

Immediately reading some of the activities on the website I knew it was not aimed for young babies.  However this did not stop us!  We adapted some of the ideas or showed JJ how to do them.

The first activity I tried with JJ was under the Maths section.  Play a clapping game together.   Roll a dice and clap the number it lands on.   JJ is 8 months and hasn’t clapped on his own accord yet, but I think this is a fun idea to correlate numbers and clapping.  (As long as he doesn’t go to near the dice and try to eat it, which luckily he didn’t! Hurrah!  Now, it’s making me think if I should get a large sponge dice! Hahaha!) I used a dice from a board game I had, showed JJ the dots, counted and clapped his hands with him.

Within the lets move section the task was You’re both superheroes! Stand with your hands on your hips, run in slow motion, then pretend to fly. Martin altered this and made JJ fly by lifting him in the air.  We love super heroes so this is perfect!

The other task was Get building together! Find some tins or boxes in your cupboard and stack them up to build a tower.  I think Martin enjoyed this more..ahahaha but JJ was watching him using the playmats to create a box. JJ even got to wear the box! Hehehe!

I also downloaded the Sporty reward chart. Again this is aimed for older kids, but we still managed to do some of them our own way.  The idea behind this is to do each task each day but we preferred to do a few all together.  Dance to our favourite song was fun! We do this a lot already but it’s a fab way to get JJ’s legs strength in standing.  As he loves going on the Jumperoo, he does a lot of bouncing to his dance moves.  He’s too cute. When Martin dances with JJ, he holds him which is so enjoyable for JJ. Another one on the reward chart, was Pretend you’re driving a car. JJ tried to eat the ‘wheel’ when I gave it to him! Ahahahahaha! But what Martin did was brilliant!  I loved it.  JJ just looks so cute in the box whilst Martin pushes him around the room.

The ideas  are simplistic, and easy to do.  It saves me of thinking of brand new fun games to play with JJ.  It does not take long to do any of the tasks.  No money involved – perfect as I’m on maternity leave and need to save every penny. I would definitely use their ideas again but use it more often if there was a section aimed for younger babies. However as you’ve noticed, nothing wrong with adapting some of them, especially as JJ kept smiling through them.

Check them at:






create a comic

Help create a comic..

create a comic


JJ has inspired Martin to get back into drawing, and start a comic.  The concept derives from the many outfits of what JJ wears each day.  It’s still in the making but we would love to get your ideas of costumes that we can use!  Challenge Martin to draw JJ as any character, and if we like it, we will use it!

Here is a few samples so far of JJ’s day as himself and some superheroes…and just totally loving them.  Please get commenting!


JJ as Superboy


JJ as Wolverine


JJ as Spiderboy


JJ as Batboy


JJ as himself eating

baptising Joshua

Baptising Joshua

baptising Joshua


The Catholic Church recommends babies to be baptised within a few weeks of birth.  It’s also pushed within the Filipino community.   However, due to the circumstances of the first few months after Joshua’s birth it was not something I could comprehend, especially as Martin and I are both not practicing any faith.  I have complete respect for those that follow any religious faith and have sincerest admiration for those that practice their beliefs.  However, there has been so many opposition questions that I have faced, wondered myself and certain aspects within my life that makes me choose not be a practicing Catholic. Does this make me a hypocrite? Probably so?  Nevertheless, being brought up with Catholicism has provided the great values within me that I would want to bestow onto Joshua.  It is not so much about the belief of a God, sacraments and rituals but providing the love to show upon another, to be kind to a neighbour, to have morals and be strong willed.   I would love Joshua to be mindful of all religions and respect their ideology.  With that in mind, we as parents prepare Joshua for his welcome into the Christian community.  It is not just us as parents that Joshua will follow and learn from, but his extended family, his friends, colleagues and his Godparents.  Where I’m trying to go with this is, with an excuse for a party as well, this baptism brings both Martins and I important people in our lives together, family and friends.  Unfortunately, this is not an often occurrence.  This means the world to me, that we can have everyone we dearly love together sharing the joy of our son.

baptising joshua

Thank you to mum, who has contributed to this celebration, to our family far and local who attended and our dearest friends. Thank you for the hard work,  Eclektik Design – your decorations were amazing! Lola Catering for delicious food.  Mimi’s Munchkins for the balloon modelling, Aira for the photographs  and Old Rut Rugby Club for the venue and St Josephs Church for the baptising of Joshua.