New Year’s 12 Circular Fruit

There’s a lot of Filipino superstitions for New Years Eve, such as filling your pockets with coins, putting coins around the house, jumping, and turn on all the lights.  What do you do? 

A tradition within Philippines is to have 12 circular fruit ready for the New Year to welcome prosperity into the home!  Each fruit represents each month, and the roundness symbolises coins. The more different they are from each other, the better. I might swop one later for a pineapple! In order to fulfill this superstition some extra money, all the fruit need to be consumed before they go off. (Not everyone does this)  A bit of a challenge! You may laugh, but every time I have done this, it has worked!

Decent salary increase, bonuses, gifts, and PPI claims between Martin and I within the last few years has given us the extra dosh! I’m not a traditionalist but this one is the exception!New years 12 circular fruit


There is always more than 12 circular fruits in the supermarkets.  A lot of them come in packs, so I always end up giving the spares to family so they are not running around looking for 12 fruit on the day.  I have Cantaloupe Melon, Grapes, Mango, Pear, Kiwi, Peach, Pomegranate, Plum, Peach, Passion fruit, Apple, Persimmons.  I might swop one for a Pineapple! then to use them up – I just make smoothies and have some for breakfast!  Also handy to give some to JJ.

I hope the New Year exceeds all your expectations sprinkled with loads of love and joy !

Finding out I am pregnant

Picture a long stretch of road from a tube station to my parents’ house – around a 15 minute walk and then wanting to urinate on the way! If I could hold my vagina securely in public whilst walking and not leaking through my garments I would be ecstatic. Although, it was the peak busy time – everyone heading home after work, so there was too much people to have my hands over my vagina!  Not that it would help reduce the tension.  There were no buses that I could easily hop on to and speed the journey either.  The release was so relieving once I headed to the 2nd toilet in my parents room which involved 2 flights of stairs.

For me, I thought I just wanted to pee. As a few days past, the need to have the toilet as my best friend increased dramatically.  Only at this point do I realise something is wrong and after a bit of googling, I tried to diagnose my symptoms.  Diabetes, infection or pregnant  – mmmmm which one could it be?  It actually could be any of them as diabetes is prone to oriental/Asian persons which I have only recently find out a glucose test is required. An infection – well any female can get a infection.  There are more and more commercials on TV about Thrush! Pregnant – of course as we are trying to have a family, so I opt for this as to why I am urinating like a water fountain.

On the 22nd August 2015, I advise Martin that I would take the pregnancy test! Did you know there is so many options and at extortionate prices! We planned to eat a juicy medium rare steak before I take the test, as I know it is advisable not to eat uncooked foods. (Not forgetting the sushi at Nobu Restaurant during the week with the ladies – freaking delicious and mouth-watering!  Picture below).  I am elated that we did this.  My anxieties are at a high, with shivers. If I am pregnant, that was a Barry Allen –Flash – too fast!  We were thinking it would take months or years due to our friends and family experiences.  I am awaiting the results – then a positive pregnancy test confirmed.  The line in the window on the stick appears as a double line! Oh my God!!!! In disbelief and shock I tell Martin. His response to this news was to double check the box to see I did it correctly! Can you believe that? There is only one way to let your pee gush over a stick! Hahahaha! He reads the box instructions and correlates it against the cleaned stick and then kisses me, accompanied with the tightest hugs.  As Martin likes to say, he has strong sperm! I like to think I have the warming conditions in me to grow a baby. WOW! We are having a baby – we are going to be a family!!!

20150819_193545 (2)