Stuck what to get on Mothers Day? Send your love with Prestige Flowers.

Go traditional on Mothers Day as every mum loves a bouquet given to her.

We all wonder what to buy or create for our mums, on Mothers Day.  Go simple but yet beautiful with Prestige Flowers.

Greeted at the door was a large monochrome box that reached above my knees.  Ooooh, I love large deliveries! The packaging had a repeated flowers and leaves print surrounding the box, with the text Prestige Flowers whom are voted the number 1 online florist on review centre. Trying to anticipate what bouquet Prestige Flowers  sent me to review, I tear open the box with excitement. My nose recognises the gentle sweet scent of flesh flowers. Giving the bouquet an elegant feel, it is wrapped in a cellophane checkered scribbled pattern, with a black gift bag.

The flowers are arranged beautifully, which is a combination of some of their luxury range, with subtle pink hints from the sorbet Roses that provide a feel of enchantment and love, complimented with large Anastasia blooms. To help emphasise the roses, there are clusters of soft Stallion Chrysanthemums, and dashes of soft pink Bourdovia buds. When blossomed, they are a stunning pop of fuchsia brightness to add to the carefully selected flowers. I’m not an expert on maintaining flowers, so was pleased there was a flower care card, along with a voucher.  YAY!

Prestige Flowers  are offering all Mothers Day order a chance to win free flowers for a year!! And if you are quick, there is some great sales to save on those pennies! There are also upgrade options to increase the quantity of stems, given the fuller dramatic look.  Want to add something extra, then why not consider added a vase, cuddly bear, chocolates or a balloon? Visit Prestige Flowers by clicking here.

prestige flowers in a vase

Stuck on leaving a message on the card? Boost her ego by confirming all the advice she has provided works! Pour your gratitude onto the hard work she does for you. Or simply show you have your mum in your mind. Some kind words with flowers is all that is needed to put a smile on a mums face.  Here’s a few:

“You’ve taught me to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings.”

“You looked into me and saw something worth believing in, long before I believed in myself.”

“All that I am or hope to be, I owe to you, mum.”

“You taught me a woman’s mind should be the most beautiful part of me.”

“From teenage tantrums to adult ones, thank you for always handling my crap.”

Say thank you with Prestige Flowers, on Mothers Day..

everything i am flowers

Joshua 2016

A reflection of 2016

Joshua 2016

How has your 2016 been?  What are you wishing for in 2017?

I started this blog January this year, and boy has it expanded to 53 posts! Never could I have imagined the amount of followers on WordPress, Facebook and Instagram that has been achieved.  I’m pulling a lovely grin at the moment 😉 A reflection on these last 12 months is definitely required. This year has brought pretty little things wrapped up, annoying body problems, pushed my baby out, loss of my dad and promised with forever diamonds. There’s been long miles of travel in the UK with a new born, to sleepless nights and days, baby attached to boob, and confused minds.  Whilst this has all gone on, I am constantly trying to adapt to the change of life, without going skitso!

At the start of the year, it was incomparable to now – I hadn’t entered my world.  Normally each year is the same-ish, but this one has had drastic changes.  Let’s begin with me being in a well-paid job, to then looking after JJ at home. Work was my life.  They say you are meant to work to live but I loved working.  It consumed a lot of me.  I would take the company mobile with me on holidays and respond to emails and calls.  On the way to work and returning home, where these hours were unpaid, I would still be tapping at the phone replying to mail.

martin and joshua

My inbox at work was one of the largest in the company – lol!  Putting on my pencil skirts and fancy blouse, hopping onto the train, sipping any type of caffeine and walking across Vauxhall Bridge to work was part of my routine for years.  Keyboard typing, bossing colleagues about and solving, helping and improving anything within work was, just me.  As sad as that may seem – I was a work a holic.  I even said I was going to come back early to work during maternity.  Oh what being a first time mummy can do to your world! I quickly realised I was not ready to go back to work and would take the whole maternity year.  It changes everything! LOL! I just wanted to spend as much time with JJ.

My mum worked all the time – she meant well and worked her socks off, but I didn’t see her as much as I wanted to.  Years pass so quickly and JJ won’t stay little forever.  Putting my career on hold for however long is what I want to do because I really want to be involved in JJ’s milestones, even if he does have his crazy moments !

Everyone warns you about enjoying being you, enjoying moments with your partner, enjoying the freedom because it’s much harder to achieve.  I struggled with the idea that it was not about Martin and I anymore.  I have to put my little JJ first.  He is my world but gosh can he test me to my limits.  From doing whatever I wanted whenever I chose to, to now being limited – or just for things to take sooooo much longer!  Crikey – it is such an impact.

I’ve lost my morning lie ins in my cosy bed, my late nights going to bed, randomly going out with family and friends, putting time into things I love, like cycling, reading comics and painting. Let’s not forget the small things, like having a shower, a pee or poo without being disturbed or rushed. I miss coffee not quietly getting cold, driving without hearing screams, a decent run of sleep hours, nipples not leaking, covering boob clothing and time for being me.  This is not a moan at all – I’m just trying to show I have found it hard.

From office work to a mum, a cleaner, an organiser, multi tasker, aerobics,  a body guard, a teacher, a chauffeur, a sports person, best friend of google, for me an absolute achiever.  A damn hard worker.  I am not on holiday! I’d like to see you be covered with pee constantly, smell the poo that comes out JJ’s ass, grow muscles you never knew you had, constantly every day.  Strangely, it’s all freaking worth it! I love making JJ laugh – his laughter completely melts me away.  Even though it can be tiring, every new leap he goes through makes me know I’m doing something right, and that is what is so rewarding.

Now factor this in with my dad passing away.  I don’t even know what to write here.  I have an emptiness of words on this matter.  When you love someone, and then their presence is gone. How does one feel?  I still go to my mums and dads place expecting him to be there, to say a not funny dad joke (but others find funny).  I long for those random calls that my car needs an MOT even though I know it does.  I miss our competiveness about the latest products.  I crave on getting annoyed easily when teaching him how to work his phone or laptop.  Then to see my mum continue without him, her love of her life, not sharing the same bed any more, the morning awakenings and daily talks disappear – is another struggle.  I try my upmost to make sure she doesn’t feel so alone, but I can’t be there with her every moment. That makes me feel utter helpless.   Through this, I feel she is strong.  She doesn’t think so – but to continue and get on with everything  – that is a strong minded woman.  I love you mum.

I feel on top of the world as diamonds are really a girl’s best friend.  Hahahahahaha! Knowing there is a promise to death do us part, is reassuring.  I was never the type to be bothered about marriage until I met Martin ahahahaha! Just the fact that I am still loved through all my ugly moments and stupid moments, just creates a big smile! I know that we have so much to experience together and cannot wait for the ‘I do’. He’s been so supportive, (95% of the time – hahahaha) that I really couldn’t get past this year without him.  And dealing with all my demands – wow!

I have come to know some great mummies and without them all, I would feel so lonely.  They have been such an amazing supportive group about everything.  Having those coffee meet ups and play dates are greatly needed so I don’t go insane!

What have I learnt from this year?  That I truly can cope – that I am strong when I thought I was weak, mentally and physically.  I get on with things because I have to; I want to.  I am not as selfish as I thought – (except with snacks and desserts with Martin).  I can love a little human being as wide as the galaxy.  I understand why mums do what they do – they are trying to make a good home, and in order to do that things need to be done their own way.  It’s really something that I didn’t grasp before.  I’ve never lost someone so important to me, so I know I just want to enjoy every moment with everyone I cherish. Family and friends means much more to me now than ever before.  I know that a lot can change but I can make it work to the best of my ability.

Through this here are my wishes that I will upon for 2017:

  • To be the super duper fun mum and not get annoyed so often (Very hard to do ahahaha)
  • To continue with the little craze of exercise the last 2 weeks. It will really help with my back issues and hopefully will help trim down all the chocolate I’ve been eating.
  • To spend more time with family. The last couple of days I’ve made more of an effort even for a short while – so really glad!
  • To cook more often for Martin coz I’m really not a chef!
  • To keep up with more collateral for the blog!
  • Have a new family home. (It’s going sooooo sloooooow)
  • Get cracking on planning for our wedding.
  • Normally I would have a career goal but that’s not gone, it’s just on hold.

New Year’s 12 Circular Fruit

There’s a lot of Filipino superstitions for New Years Eve, such as filling your pockets with coins, putting coins around the house, jumping, and turn on all the lights.  What do you do? 

A tradition within Philippines is to have 12 circular fruit ready for the New Year to welcome prosperity into the home!  Each fruit represents each month, and the roundness symbolises coins. The more different they are from each other, the better. I might swop one later for a pineapple! In order to fulfill this superstition some extra money, all the fruit need to be consumed before they go off. (Not everyone does this)  A bit of a challenge! You may laugh, but every time I have done this, it has worked!

Decent salary increase, bonuses, gifts, and PPI claims between Martin and I within the last few years has given us the extra dosh! I’m not a traditionalist but this one is the exception!New years 12 circular fruit


There is always more than 12 circular fruits in the supermarkets.  A lot of them come in packs, so I always end up giving the spares to family so they are not running around looking for 12 fruit on the day.  I have Cantaloupe Melon, Grapes, Mango, Pear, Kiwi, Peach, Pomegranate, Plum, Peach, Passion fruit, Apple, Persimmons.  I might swop one for a Pineapple! then to use them up – I just make smoothies and have some for breakfast!  Also handy to give some to JJ.

I hope the New Year exceeds all your expectations sprinkled with loads of love and joy !

create a comic

Help create a comic..

create a comic


JJ has inspired Martin to get back into drawing, and start a comic.  The concept derives from the many outfits of what JJ wears each day.  It’s still in the making but we would love to get your ideas of costumes that we can use!  Challenge Martin to draw JJ as any character, and if we like it, we will use it!

Here is a few samples so far of JJ’s day as himself and some superheroes…and just totally loving them.  Please get commenting!


JJ as Superboy


JJ as Wolverine


JJ as Spiderboy


JJ as Batboy


JJ as himself eating

A reflection on being mummy these last 5 months.

How has the first few months of motherhood been for you?

My idealistic and nurturing ways of being a mummy to JJ whilst also maintaining me were set whilst growing him in my belly.  Nearly all of them had gone to pot!  I’ve had to adapt and be super flexible.

  • Breastfeeding cover. I thought I’d save my dignity and hide those buns away from the public eye by using a cover.  I’ve given up now using them.  I’m either hiding myself under them trying to assist JJ .  Or it’s a distraction or just annoying and in the way.  If I need to, then a muslin tucked under the bra strap is the trick which aids in cleaning up any messiness.  It’s eating at the end of the day.  Would you or I like to be covered whilst eating?  Not really!
  • Expressing milk. This was amazing the first 3 months.  Had perfected when to express and to give JJ the expressed milk.  But then it belly’s up.  JJ’s feeding pattern had changed to such regular close intervals that there was no time to express.  Unfortunately, it’s not as quick as press a button and a minute later the milk flows into a bottle easily and quickly.  This then led to JJ being apart from the bottle.  He became unfamiliar with the bottle that he just wasn’t interested in taking it anymore.  No getaways for me then…
  • Breastfeeding There have been so many times I wanted to give up. I never realised actually how hard it would be.  There has been forever sofa or chair time feeding, any time of the day.  Comfort feeding, clamping, pulling, twisting.  Feeding in the dark, feeding whilst walking in carrier, in the car – well almost anywhere! There’s no real routine to feeding.  If you can imagine, we all have a nibble, a snack, a feast, a drink.  Sometimes we are hungry and sometimes we are not.  That is what breastfeeding is, any hungriness and thirstiness that JJ requires, day and all through the night.  I’ve kept going and very proud!  .
  • Frequent pram walking. It’s great for babies to take in that fresh air, but does shopping with JJ in trolley count towards it? Does walking to a class count as well? Seeing those eyes turn sleepy is beautiful when he was younger.  Now those eyes are so intrigued in what the environment has to offer.  He’s so keen to see what everything is. As much as I adore taking JJ for a stroll, it’s not every day.  I will strive to do more.
  • Healthy eating. I laugh at this as I thought I would have further nutrients and be all health-ier! To be honest, I did extremely well in pregnancy but now I want that cookie, chocolate, cake another cookie! I will eat anything! At least JJ will get a taste of all sorts of food.
  • Still go to restaurants. Instead of going to any restaurants on the whim, now I have to consider is it pram friendly? No more are the days going to Michelin restaurants or packed pubs.  But I’m happy I eat out! I’m happy JJ is great at restaurants. I have mastered the skill of feeding him and feeding myself at the same time.    Never thought I would see that kind of multi-tasking along with talking to company.
  • Social life. Social life is JJ plus I. I am totally lucky that my close friends haven’t stopped wanting to hang out.  They have been truly amazing.  I can’t obviously ding crazy night outs which I do miss loads, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to handle them.  It also helps saving on money. I do have to think if the atmosphere is baby friendly when meeting friends but it all works out.  I know cinema isn’t really social but I MISS watching the latest movies on the big screen, with sweet popcorn! I do miss being readily available to go out anywhere and anytime.


  • Toys I said to myself I wouldn’t buy much toys until it is right for him.  Surprise surprise, I have kept to this!  Only the necessities.  But instead of saving the money, it has gone to clothes.  JJ has a better wardrobe selection than me. He’s only going to grow out of them quickly. Grrrr.
  • Becoming a family I really try to ensure we have family time. That’s us three, JJ, Martin and I going out or just playing together.   Spending quality time not in front of the TV.  These are just precious moments I truly love!  When there’s no chores and just pure enjoyment.  Martins help is truly undeniable a load off my shoulder  – and seeing him when he does the poo nappies – a cracker!
  • Meeting other mummies. Without NCT group, and Babycentre group that I truly rely on, the days can be so lonely.  JJ can’t talk yet, and having adult conversations and knowing others are going through similar events is so reassuring.  I cannot comprehend what it would be without them.  You keep me sane!
  • Becoming my mummy. Garden trips, and further sightseeing. I am definitely becoming my mummy. I’m trying to recall how mum would treat me, and what she would do in certain scenarios.  I now ask a lot of advice.  Obviously some are outdated, and she is learning from me!    Love mum!


  • Spare time. Why on earth did I think I would have loads of spare time?  Maternity leave is not a holiday! I am not in an office or out in meetings, nor getting great pay with lunch.  Being mummy is 24/7.  I don’t get a spare time to have a break or have me time.  My time is playing, feeding, calming, soothing, changing nappies, teaching, and encouraging JJ.  Then if there is spare time, stuff something in my mouth to eat, clean the clothes, clean the flat. Can I fit in a shower? Wash my hair? Do I have 10 minutes to take a nap? I don’t have a clue what’s going on in the world unless someone sends me a quick whatsapp message.  TV? Its just on in the background as white noise.   Yet somehow I manage to get things done.  Maybe not in the time I want, but eventually things do get done.
  • Pacifer . . Its meant to help with SIDs but I said I would not give one – only because I can’t be assed to ween JJ off it.  Guess what?  I tried to hoping JJ could use it to sooth himself to sleep easily, so I could capture some zzzzzzzz.  It didn’t work !
  • Sleep for me. Who the hell said sleep when baby sleeps? That is the time to do the chores, fit in 5 minute shower, sort the baby bag, arrange paperwork, skim through advice on being a new mummy, searching for tips and tricks.  Oh and on the subject of sleep – my gosh! During pregnancy I didn’t sleep well.  Now this is a new world! Waking up every hour to feed or be a soother. I am a zombie. Those long shut eye exist no more.  They have faded far away, leaving heavy eye bags. I’ve only had very few naps with JJ during the day past these 5 months…if only they could be more!
  • Beauty – Beauty regime dissipated. There’s muff, lack of nail varnish, bun hair, hardly any make up.  Ahahahahahahahahaha!  That’s all I got to say.  Poor Martin!  It’s an effort to make an effort but I do try sometimes!


  • Travel I can’t just park anywhere anymore.  I have to make sure the back side door opens so I can get JJ out.  And the same for the boot.  I need to get the pram out.  Long gone are those days fitting in the last tight space.  Going to London on public transport? Blimey! Word of advice: Plan your route.  Make sure there are lifts at stations.  Try not to go on peak times.  Some people will help you get on a train, bus, escalator but others will disregard you.  If I could slap them across the cheek I would! 7 hour drive to the Lake District? That consists of frequent stops, and feeds and packing the car with everything.  It doesn’t take 7 hours now.  It’s much longer!  Ahahahaha!
  • Carriers Whoever stole the idea of carriers/slings from material being wrapped fround the body from the third world, well boy are you making money!  These are just amazing!  JJ seems to be content being next to me.  Don’t have to lug around the pram all the time
  • Night routine. I’m not sure why the emphasis is so high that lil bubbas must sleep through the night.  They are babies!  They still have a lot to learn.  I’ve given up on focusing on a real night routine and trying to keep JJ sleep peacefully throughout the night.  He will wake normally because he is generally hungry.  He will wake because he wants to be next to me.  All I can do is encourage sleep but not be fixated on a routine.  When he is ready he will sleep longer than hour or 2.  He has done so before and he will do again.  For now, co-sleeping is a beautiful and easy way of sleeping.  He loves it. I love it.


  • HobbiesI can only try to do them, cycle, read comics, keep up with blog and so forth. Rarely occurs.  One day I’ll get back into it all and travel the world.  Hopefully some of these will be shared with JJ.


The good, the bad and the ugly.  No matter how hard things can be. I soldier on. Through the hardships of losing my dad, JJ is my saviour. Seeing that smile, hearing that innocent laughter and witnessing his milestones, gives such a heartfelt delight.  Every struggle is totally worth it.  I’ve learnt in these short months that I need to be flexible and open to anything.  I’ve learnt I can be a mummy my own way, and still somehow incorporate my values and still be me, Laila.  I wouldn’t change anything.  

sassy bloom box

Our first Sassy Bloom Box

sassy bloom box

I’ve been looking forward to the Sassy Bloom subscription.  Similar to the My Little Box subscription that I use to sign up to, this is targeted for our little munchkins. Designed to make mummies and daddies life a little easier whilst saving some pennies; every month a box to introduce you to items fun or useful for the little bubbas.
As JJ and I open the box, we are welcome with the story behind how Sassy Bloom started.  The idea was triggered when unfortunately Holly was diagnosed with an incurable heart and lung disease called Pulmonary Hypertension, during pregnancy.  After being in hospital and delivering her baby at 34 weeks, her friends put together a gift box full of items for both her and her daughter. I wish I came up with it! Boy, would I love shopping and searching for items!!


Sassy Bloom Box with bow

So the subscription comes at different price points; £29.95 monthly, 3 months paid in full at £28.95 a month, 6 months paid in full at  £27.95 monthly or annually paid in full at £25.95 per month. It is suggested that the box contents values at £50- £60 per box. So hopefully some money is saved. Also Sassy Bloom have a referral scheme whereby with   collected points/referrals you can gain a free box.  Let’s see what the box has to offer – very exciting!

sassy bloom box joshua

sassy bloom box

Personalised Bib RRP £10.00

I’m a mahoosive fan of personalised items, so receiving a bib with Joshua’s name on it was brilliant! It’s very soft and just perfect.  I’ve started using bibs within the last month due to Joshua dribbling loads when he puts anything that comes in his eyesight in his mouth! The only annoying thing about it was that I had to stretch it a bit over JJ’s head (Maybe he has a big head?).  Although on the description on my account it mentions it should have a velcro fastening which would of been handy!

sassy bloom box

Personalised Bib

Halilut Rainbow Shaker RRP £5.99

A textured prism effect tube with balls that makes a perfect shaker.  It’s very colourful whereby JJ is mesmerised by all the different colour balls.  I used it as sound tracker, where he easily follows the sound. Nice small toy to add to his toy basket.


Sassy Bloom Box with bow

.  Shea Mooti Mama’s Everything Body Balm £16.99

To be honest, at £16.99 I kind of preferred if this was replaced with an item for JJ rather than me.  Don’t get me wrong – love that there was something for me, but maybe at a smaller value.  However, this balm seems perfect for my skin!  Its eczema friendly and because it’s an oily balm, it helps with my dry skin.  The initial aroma that hit my nose is the lavender. However it also contains cocoa butter and jojoba oils. Its meant to reduce stretch marks.  Fingers crossed!


Sassy Bloom Box with bow

BKids Take Along Activity Efe RRP £12.99

Besides JJ wanting to eat it, when hanged on a seat Efe the Elephant seemed to provide entertainment for JJ..  He liked the rattle and crackling sounds he could create.  Hoping this will make him stay in his seat a tad bit longer so I can do some house chores.  Aha!


Sassy Bloom Box with bow

Nuby Teething Buddie RRP £4.99

OK, so JJ has about 3 or 4 teething toys.  Another one won’t hurt.  The cute thing about this is that’s a comforter as well.  A 2-in-1 toy.


Sassy Bloom Box with bow

Bright Starts Flexi Ball RRP £5.99

This has got to be JJ’s favourite item from Sassy Bloom’s box.  I rarely see JJ grasp items for a long time.  This Flexi ball allows him to easily hold it.  It’s not something I would have purchased myself if found in a shop initially but very glad it arrived in the Sassy Bloom box.


Sassy Bloom Box with bow


Overall, I love the idea of Sassy Bloom and adore the contents.  I hope the items continue to be fun! You can defintly see the savings if you were to buy all these items together.  It would also make a great present to any mummy and baby out there!  If you would like £10 off you 1st Sassy Box then please use the code LaisLilf


Watch "Catching Pokemon with JJ" on YouTube

I thought I’d join the craze and share it with JJ. I wasn’t too keen when I heard about it but it’s actually addictive. It’s a new innovative way to get my fat ass  walking more. Another good excuse to take JJ for a buggy walk. Hope I get to loose my belly flab and tone my wobbly legs!

For those that want to know where this is…it’s in Horton Park, Epsom…I’m sure I’ll see you soon.

Dad, You are loved. You are missed. You are remembered.

It is overwhelming to see you all today to celebrate the life of my dad, Marcelino Samson.  We are all here today, proud to call him dad, husband, uncle, lolo, friend and colleague.  He gave us countless memories of which I would like to share a few with you, and hopefully these can bring a smile to your face and remain in your hearts.

The first time I met my dad I was 2 years old and we were at the airport waiting for him to arrive from the Philippines.  For someone I didn’t know, we immediately clicked and I ran towards him to give him a big hug.  That was the start of us.

He could at times be a very strict dad.  No boyfriends were permitted in the house and curfews were always set.  I know now that he only wanted the best for me and for me to have all the opportunities in the world.  As we both grew older he slowly learnt to relax and trust in me.  He saw me grow up from being his little girl to the woman and mother I am now, which must have been hard for him.

He would insist on helping me even if I didn’t need it.  When there were serious moments he would like to lighten them up with a joke.  For example, I had a severe car crash a while ago, where the car landed upside down.  When he heard, instead of checking how I was doing, he asked ‘Where is my Tom Tom?’ He always knew how to make people laugh.

To his family, he would do anything for them.  And in turn they would do everything for him.  In Philippines he was the favourite brother and uncle.  He rarely lifted a finger, s much so that he was shocked at how he had to adapt to the way of life in London and do chores.  Almost every year, he would visit his brothers, sister, nieces, and nephews in the Philippines.  If any were to visit London he would always welcome them with open arms, somewhere to stay and most importantly provide food.

To his friends and colleagues, he was a generous person.  It was always a joyous occasion when he was with you.  He loved to spend as much time joking and socialising with you.  He was someone you could trust and rely on.  He was someone you could trust and rely on.  He was a friend to so many people.

Dad was an enthusiast for all things gadgets and technology.  The latest technology could always be found around our house.  Examples include, just to say a few, the latest computer, video camera, digital camera, pager, cd player, cassette player, mini disc player, mp3 player, navigation kit, speakers, surround sound system and karaoke machine.  The list goes on, as if you were shopping in Dixons.  Most recently he even bought a 50″ curved TV which was way too big for the living room.  He was very proud of it.  Quite fittingly, our home is now filled with Samsung items.  His thirst for technology is something I loved as I quickly followed suit.



My cousins can agree that he loved technology so much that he even built his own hi fi system.  He would use the items from a car and work his magic on it.  I recently found out he studied automobiles as one of his school subjects, which now explains the love if his cars and how he liked to diagnose motor problems.

I remember our daily car journeys together when I was little.  The routine would be a 5am waking up, make Dad a cup of coffee and then take mum to work.  In the evening it would be a 9pm pick up.  I always admired how he never complained that it was too early.  He would happily drive along listening to Heart FM or Celine Dion.

So moving on from one of his great loves, to another great love..rice!  If you now my dad well, you know that he loved rice.  Just the other day we were cleaning his car and typically found grains of rice in the boot.  For all UK long distance trips, rice always had to be packed.  I was guaranteed to be on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Any restaurants we went to had to serve rice, otherwise he didn’t want to eat there.

Ironically he only learnt to cook rice when he arrived in the UK.  When I was young, as he was learning to cook, he often burnt the food.  Strangely though he enjoyed it.  To him, burnt food was crispy and still tasty.  He always said no matter how bad the food would be for his health, he would want to enjoy it fully.  He would rather die happy than deprived of food.

I loved his positive outlook to life.  Throughout the numerous operations and treatments he had to endure, he always remained positive.  There was never a moan about how hard things was.  He got on and continued with living.  I know he loved every bit of his life.



Finally to Mum, he had oceans of love and affection for you that just radiated out of him.  He wasn’t shy to show you off to anyone and was always proud of having you next to him.  I would love to have the same loyalty, honesty and strength that you have for each other as it is so amazing to see, especially as you are still going strong after 32 years.

To Dad, everyone has love for you in their hearts.  Your attributes have bought a lifetime of memories, that none of us will ever forget.  Be with God, watch over us and rest in perfect peace till we see you again.  I love you.

Thank you to Frederick W Paine Funeral Directors, St Joseph Catholic Church Colliers Wood, Lambeth Crematorium and The Trafalgar Arms.

To our friends who gave their condolences, thank you so much, as it means so much to us.

To our family who have supported mum and I through this.  You are truly loved.


We love you


Marcelino Samson balloon release

my little dolce vita box

My Little Dolce Vita Box – My Little Box

my little dolce vita box


A stylish, fashionable figure with a gorgeous flowy print skirt in the setting of Italy is the illustration on the box.  What stands out is ‘Dolce Vita’ – translated to Sweet Life.  My Little Box has travelled to another realm – Italy! Mint, peach and yellow is the colour palette used which is also transferred to all the products inside the box.  I have to say upon opening the box, my nose tingles with delight at the scent of something sweet.

Kanako’s artwork reappears in this box edition, with stilettos, gelato, coffee and ‘Everything sounds better in Italian.’ To me however any foreign language sounds better – even sexy.

I’m reminiscing about Rome many years ago, as ‘Rome is on my mind’ appears on a box with a peekaboo hole.  It’s a turquoise, mint, yellow and pale pink turban!  Looks very pretty but hope it’s a good size that fits my head.  Headbands can be a bit tight for me.  (Must have a big head!).  At the back of the box in the magazine, there are instructions on different ways to wear the fashion accessory.

my little dolce vita box

A miniscule box with ‘Ciao Bella’ which interpreted means hello beautiful, (Oh, feeling so special now) lyes a little gold ring.  It’s leafy, adjustable and fits my finger!  (Hurrah).  Not much of a jewellery fan but can see me wearing this J

Now, the beauty products.  In a vial is Courreges perfume of orange blossom.  It’s fresh and spicy and will replace one of my perfume sticks as that is coming to an end.   My Little Beauty presents a bronzing BB cream for the legs.  I hope it does give a little of sunkiss colour rather than looking orange.  I don’t use tanning products but a little won’t hurt as my legs are pastier than my face.  (Not to mention I have a natural teeny tiny tan).  Then there’s the green tea jasmine body oil by Baija.  Oil for the body compliments my skin – again another product I can’t wait to use.  None of these products would be something I initially buy, so really glad My Little Box is introducing new beauty products.

Just loving this May box!


my little flower box

My Little Flower Box – My Little Box

my little flower box

To coincide with Spring April’s My Little Box is based on flowers.  Quite fitting for me really, as I have received many flowers for the birth of Baby Joshua and so happy the box was in tune to me.  Absolutely adore flowers now (Was never fussed about them before until I received my first bouquet for organising a baby shower).  Goodbye winter!

The box itself is designed as a book – an inspiration taken from literary by Balzac Paris.  The flower artwork with different shades of green and oranges is not Kanoko’s art work.  Even her normal card with an image and quote has disappeared.  Maybe she went on annual leave?  Either way, it was refreshing to see a new turn to the box and welcome Balzac Paris designs.

Like a child opening up gifts I animatedly open up the box to find a pop up garden.  Kanako’s artwork is now featured here with cityscape as the backdrop and a lady on her bicycle (So me!  I love cycling!)  I just need to follow a few basic instructions and some flowers will grow.  Perfect for the windowsill by the kitchen!

In collaboration with Balzac Paris, a peach purse is in the box with similar orange and green flower prints that is on the box.  With 2 pockets inside, those naughty lingerie can fit perfectly inside.  Again can use this when I go to Cumbria and when home I’m thinking my breast pads can go there too – ahahaha.

my little flower box

With a hint of citrus is My Little Beauty own Rosy Mornings – Detoxifying Mask bursting with vitamin C and 96% natural ingredients.  Perfect for my sensitive skin! A mention in the My Little World magazine is a playlist and to do list whilst using the mask.  One day when I get a moment for 10 minutes I’ll use it!

L’Occitane  cherry blossom bath and shower gel smells divine!  More likely to save for when I go away as it’s a travel size or maybe for a treat, let some droplets into a bath.

One of my favourite nail varnish brands is Nails Inc and what have My Little Box included – the Kensington Caviar Base Coat.  Did My Little Box read my mind or something?  I’m running out of a base coat and this has just replaced it.  Hopefully will get back into doing funky nail designs again.

my little flower box

This box was invigorating.  I adored every piece in it and will undoubtedly use each piece!