Bride to be box notepad

Unboxing the Bride To Be Box

Bride to be box

I was so excited to receive the Bride to be box. The concept is a wedding planner in a box for all newly engaged bride to be’s needs. It’s just perfect for me! I love planning and organising so anything to help with my wedding next year is a huge help.

Golden envelope

Golden envelope

Bride To Be Box

Bride To Be Box


Things to do before you say I do

Things to do before you say I do

I have to say, that receiving the box in a gold envelope just gave it that importance and special feeling. It’s the little touches that puts a smile on my face. I adore the label holding the box together, “Your wedding journey starts here” and “Things to do before you say I do”. The colours coordinated throughout the box with items is mint green and gold. Just beautiful!

When the Bride To Be Box is opened, I was greeted with “Congratulations on your engagement”. I am an absolute fan of cost saving boxes full of goodies! This is definitely one of them. Please see some of my My Little Box reviews and Sassy Bloom Box reviews.

This is very handy for the brides to be who have just got engaged and will be starting to plan there special day. I love being introduced to new vendors that I have not heard of. What a great way to showcase their work. That feeling of surprises and new things is a small rush of adrenalin and addiction for me.

To then find that some items are in golden envelopes hidden away is such a tease, along with all the items wrapped delicately in mint green tissue paper. Ahhhh, very exciting!

And there neatly folded was a bonus item in the bride to be box, a white tote bag with gold joined up font “I’m busy planning my happily ever after”. I will be using the tote bag for the entire year!

Bride to be box special tote bag

I’m busy planning my happily ever after tote bag

If you are stuck on ways to ask your important people to be a bridesmaids, then what better way to use, Claire Louise Creates  card, “Will you be my Bridesmaid? I can’t say ‘I do’ without you”. There are dashes of cute hearts underneath the golden text which adds to the cuteness. Claire Louise Creates specialises in wedding invitations, wedding styling and wedding planning.

If you have a vision she will help you achieve that for your special day. From calligraphy, to beautiful combined colours, to amazing floral arrangements, her work looks incredible. She has created something old, a sixpence for your shoe, which is known to bring good luck for the bride to be.

As long as it doesn’t get in the way of walking and being uncomfortable that will be placed in my shoe. She’s even included a sparkling enamel pin badge of “Bride to be” for something new. WOOOAAAH! Alot of goodies!

The Original Party Bag Company  leave their trace of blush pink heart balloon. What an adorable way to emphasis love at a wedding and fill a party bag. They have such a big range of party bags and fillers, giving you great ideas how to add that extra fun for your wedding guests.

Something new bride to be pin badge and heart balloon

Something new bride to be pin badge and heart balloon


Very cute biodegradeable wedding confetti, something old six pence and something blue hair pin.

Very cute biodegradable wedding confetti, something old six pence and something blue hair pin.

Shropshire Petals  provide a decent sample of their biodegradable wedding confetti, grown from their farm. The mix is called Kaleidoscope, with the colours lilac, pink and cream. They have such a variety of confetti packages; individual sachets, confetti pop (love these!), petal pouches, baskets, along with offering dried flowers and wheat arrangements. Not only can they do the confetti, I love that there are no dyes added, and are completely natural in colour.

Claire Austin  gifts a something blue for the day; a pair of a light blue rose hair pins made by hand. This colour matches part of my colour scheme, so I’m actually considering using them. Just need to think of what kind of hair style! The headpieces and floral crowns bridal accessories are stunning. She will also happily do any bespoke headpieces to match your dress! WOW!

In a very elegant dark gold envelope Novello  package Chamomile tea. A perfect way to calm yourself when planning can be stressful. I have those crazy moments when planning anything! I adore how it’s addressed to the beautiful bride to be. Oh yeah! I’m beautiful 😉

Novello is a small, independent, family run business providing bespoke and personalised tea and coffee gifts. I’m intrigued, and have asked if they can do something for our wedding favours. Yiiipppppppeee.

Tea for the bride to be

Tea for the bride to be

Tina Cox from All Paper Everything  leaves her gem of a sample, hand cut lavender and cream gift tag. Tina Cox works her creativity on pretty handmade paper decorations and cards.

My most favourite item in the box is the simplistic and much needed wedding day wall planner, from here. I have already been able to tick off some boxes. Yay! There’s actually some points I haven’t considered, so it has been useful already.

It’s broken into 12 months and is easy to use. The mint green and gold colouring is so lush! On top of this is a A5 heart print covered plain notebook called “Things to do before I say ‘I do’”. To accompany this, is “Planning my happily ever after” pencil and a large paper clip that was enclosed in a gold envelope. Adorable!

Wedding day wall planner

Wedding day wall planner

Things to do before I say I do notebook

Things to do before I say I do notebook

Planning my happily ever after pencil

Planning my happily ever after pencil

Large paper clip

Large paper clip

What bride doesn’t like a box of goodies, and helpful ideas to help plan that special day? If your not getting married but know someone who is, surprise them with it. For £18.00 it’s such a thoughtful gift!

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ewan the dream sheep

Ewan The Dream Sheep Review – Sleep Aid for Babies

Do you have sleepless nights with your baby?  Are you struggling to get your baby to nap?


I have been through many many nights of being barely awake, stumbling out of bed and zombie walking to Joshua’s cot. The nights were consumed with constant nursing, of which over half of the time was just suckling! And oh my gosh, dare I take him away from the comfort feeding, Joshua would cry out with deafening screams.  I would barely see my own bed. I yearned to lye down in the comfort of my duvet. I started to dred nursing – it felt like all day – and really the only thing I mainly did! I didn’t question the nursing as I felt at the time he needed it. When I managed to eventually lye him in his own cot sleeping, he inevitably woke up a few minutes later and every hour thereafter. Nursing greatly helped him to sleep, but not enough to move him into his cot. – ahhhhhh! Rocking him got so tiring which led to each time lasting longer. Singing didn’t help, as I can never remember any nursery songs or lullabies. It got absurd, where my days were a complete mess. The amount of times I had to rest or stop whilst driving in the day because I was too tired. Words and thoughts would get jumbled and I really wasn’t functioning very well.

My head was screeching for a change, and so I looked into a sleep consultant. An amazing decision of which I will tell you more on another post but one of the recommendations was to utilise the Baby Shusher app. This provides a shushing sound at an adjustable volume for a desired time. The big annoyance of this was that my phone disappeared as it had to be close by to Joshua. Having reviewed Ewan the Dream Sheep (which can be found below) I wish I had him from the beginning or when we started the sleep training. I recall Joshua calming down when the sound of rain was played, but like the Baby Shusher app, my phone had to be in the presence of Joshua, which just meant I couldn’t do anything else with my phone. So what I love about Ewan the dream sheep, is that it’s a cuddly toy and therefore my phone doesn’t need to be accessed at all!  Hurrah.

ewan the dream sheep close up

There are 4 different pink noise sounds that Ewan the dream sheep emits, the vacuum cleaner, rain, harp and womb all with a heartbeat which really works some sort of magic to settle babies, along with his tummy glowing. Pink noise masks out high pitched frequencies that can be stress inducing to babies. It can be great for drowning out certain noises. Joshua would have heard my heartbeat all through my pregnancy, so these sounds would be familiar and natural, calming him down. These 4 sounds are actual recordings rather than computer generated. By clicking on any legs, the sound is played and lasts 20 minutes when in normal mode. By clicking the leg again it will automatically stop, or depending on which leg, another song is played. When babies are newborn, its highly recommended not placing cuddly toys in the cot due to risk of suffocation. The velcro easily positions Ewan the dream sheep high up on the cot bar, out of reach. You can also place him on the pram. As mentioned on the video, it doesn’t help Joshua to go to sleep immediately but it does soothe him, and therefore he falls asleep on his own, or it relax’s him when he is having his tantrum moments. I think this is due to him being nearly 1 years old. However I don’t see that as a downfall, rather a prop to help him when needed. What baby doesn’t like a cuddly toy anyway? The only small gripe I have is that you can’t put Ewan the dream sheep in the washing machine so i will have to surface clean only. At £29.99 I would have bought this when Joshua was born. There are also other similar soft toys, but they don’t have the light function or use pink noise. However if you are looking for something cheaper, there are of course white noise apps under £5.00

Ewan the Dream Sheep

Please check out my video below.

Stuck what to get on Mothers Day? Send your love with Prestige Flowers.

Go traditional on Mothers Day as every mum loves a bouquet given to her.

We all wonder what to buy or create for our mums, on Mothers Day.  Go simple but yet beautiful with Prestige Flowers.

Greeted at the door was a large monochrome box that reached above my knees.  Ooooh, I love large deliveries! The packaging had a repeated flowers and leaves print surrounding the box, with the text Prestige Flowers whom are voted the number 1 online florist on review centre. Trying to anticipate what bouquet Prestige Flowers  sent me to review, I tear open the box with excitement. My nose recognises the gentle sweet scent of flesh flowers. Giving the bouquet an elegant feel, it is wrapped in a cellophane checkered scribbled pattern, with a black gift bag.

The flowers are arranged beautifully, which is a combination of some of their luxury range, with subtle pink hints from the sorbet Roses that provide a feel of enchantment and love, complimented with large Anastasia blooms. To help emphasise the roses, there are clusters of soft Stallion Chrysanthemums, and dashes of soft pink Bourdovia buds. When blossomed, they are a stunning pop of fuchsia brightness to add to the carefully selected flowers. I’m not an expert on maintaining flowers, so was pleased there was a flower care card, along with a voucher.  YAY!

Prestige Flowers  are offering all Mothers Day order a chance to win free flowers for a year!! And if you are quick, there is some great sales to save on those pennies! There are also upgrade options to increase the quantity of stems, given the fuller dramatic look.  Want to add something extra, then why not consider added a vase, cuddly bear, chocolates or a balloon? Visit Prestige Flowers by clicking here.

prestige flowers in a vase

Stuck on leaving a message on the card? Boost her ego by confirming all the advice she has provided works! Pour your gratitude onto the hard work she does for you. Or simply show you have your mum in your mind. Some kind words with flowers is all that is needed to put a smile on a mums face.  Here’s a few:

“You’ve taught me to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings.”

“You looked into me and saw something worth believing in, long before I believed in myself.”

“All that I am or hope to be, I owe to you, mum.”

“You taught me a woman’s mind should be the most beautiful part of me.”

“From teenage tantrums to adult ones, thank you for always handling my crap.”

Say thank you with Prestige Flowers, on Mothers Day..

everything i am flowers

5 Minute Fun

Today Martin and I got a chance to play with JJ with using 5 Minute Fun activities. These are simple free ideas to engage children and develop their learning.  I’m quite keen on this concept as some days it can be hard to think of new things to do with JJ, that doesn’t involve money or a new toy.  It’s nice to be able to provide new changes that he can interact with.

Immediately reading some of the activities on the website I knew it was not aimed for young babies.  However this did not stop us!  We adapted some of the ideas or showed JJ how to do them.

The first activity I tried with JJ was under the Maths section.  Play a clapping game together.   Roll a dice and clap the number it lands on.   JJ is 8 months and hasn’t clapped on his own accord yet, but I think this is a fun idea to correlate numbers and clapping.  (As long as he doesn’t go to near the dice and try to eat it, which luckily he didn’t! Hurrah!  Now, it’s making me think if I should get a large sponge dice! Hahaha!) I used a dice from a board game I had, showed JJ the dots, counted and clapped his hands with him.

Within the lets move section the task was You’re both superheroes! Stand with your hands on your hips, run in slow motion, then pretend to fly. Martin altered this and made JJ fly by lifting him in the air.  We love super heroes so this is perfect!

The other task was Get building together! Find some tins or boxes in your cupboard and stack them up to build a tower.  I think Martin enjoyed this more..ahahaha but JJ was watching him using the playmats to create a box. JJ even got to wear the box! Hehehe!

I also downloaded the Sporty reward chart. Again this is aimed for older kids, but we still managed to do some of them our own way.  The idea behind this is to do each task each day but we preferred to do a few all together.  Dance to our favourite song was fun! We do this a lot already but it’s a fab way to get JJ’s legs strength in standing.  As he loves going on the Jumperoo, he does a lot of bouncing to his dance moves.  He’s too cute. When Martin dances with JJ, he holds him which is so enjoyable for JJ. Another one on the reward chart, was Pretend you’re driving a car. JJ tried to eat the ‘wheel’ when I gave it to him! Ahahahahaha! But what Martin did was brilliant!  I loved it.  JJ just looks so cute in the box whilst Martin pushes him around the room.

The ideas  are simplistic, and easy to do.  It saves me of thinking of brand new fun games to play with JJ.  It does not take long to do any of the tasks.  No money involved – perfect as I’m on maternity leave and need to save every penny. I would definitely use their ideas again but use it more often if there was a section aimed for younger babies. However as you’ve noticed, nothing wrong with adapting some of them, especially as JJ kept smiling through them.

Check them at:






sassy bloom box

Our Second Sassy Bloom Box

sassy bloom box

After the first Sassy Bloom Box, I was really looking forward to the surprises in the next box.  Totally love all the goodies for JJ!

Munchkin Twisty Barbell Teether Toy £4.99

Originally I was thinking not another teether toy but seeing JJ bite on everything that comes in his view – maybe this was good item. It is!  It’s very colourful and JJ seems to go for the round ends.  Sometimes he likes to chew on the rings.  This teether toy definitely keeps him occupied due to the varied textures for a good 10 minutes until he wants another toy.

Sassy bloombox

Brother Max 2 Catch and Fold Baby Bibs RRP £5.99

I love this! It comes with 2 bibs that are waterproof  – perfect! You can attach the food catcher at two different heights.  (It has seen a lot of food!).  And whilst you’re out and about, the crumb catcher can close easily, storing the bib and baby spoons.  I definitely recommend this.

sassy bloom box

Childs Play Wally Whale and his friends £5.99

Very weird that this came through – as I was wanting more bath toys for JJ! Wally whale squeaks and squirts each time he meets a friend. It’s a waterproof book – brilliant for learning in the bath and having fun at the same time.  Keen to get the other books!sassy bloom box

Taf Toys Kooky Boy Petit Garcon Kooky £12.99

This looks like a crazy weird clown. JJ holds his interest while this is placed in the car seat.  There’s plastic rings, a rattle, chime bell sound, a teether and different textures all over. As all the toys out there, it helps the baby develop senses and motor skills by playing with the shapes and features.

Munchkin Tip & Sip Straw Cup £5.60

It promises to be a leak proof but I have yet to test it.  I know the 2 handles would be great as JJ uses his doidy cup with 2 handles. It comes with a brush to easily clean the straw. The straw is very flexible to the point you can bend it and close the lid over it so no spillage.


.Overall very happy with this box, and can not wait for the next one.  Treats for JJ!


personalise a rose

Personalize a rose this Christmas

personalise a rose

Send your words on a rose, this Christmas.  Show someone you care and are thinking of them with these personalised flowers.


What better way to show your affection towards a loved one, with a message on a real rose, or a silk version that will last a lifetime by Personalised Flowers. Send your words on a rose, this Christmas to a loved one.  Show someone you care a with these Personalised Flowers.

What better way to show your affection towards a loved one with a message on a real rose, or a silk version that will last a lifetime, by Personalised Flowers.

I recently got engaged (WOOOP WOOOOP!), and wanted to ask my mum to walk with me down the aisle.  The rose is a great way to share how much I want my mum with me at this momentous occasion.  The rose delivered in a small box to fit through your letter box is beautiful.  Wrapped with cellophane, ribbon and Personalised Flowers logo sticker, there appeared the print ‘ Mum, I love you so much.  Always, your Laila’.  I randomly presented the rose in a gift bag to my mum.  To her bewildered amusement she opened the gift and really adored the rose.  She plans to display in on the shelf  in her living room.  YAY!

personalise a rose

Personalised Flowers owner Philip, has a love for travel.  Whilst exploring the United Stated, he came across the Personalised Flowers and wanted to bring this to the UK.  The rose comes in various colours, with the option of a free card.  Personalised gifts are always great to receive, especially combined with the elegance of a rose.

Bring a smile, present your love, whisper your passion, with these stunning roses at only £8.99 or the silk variation at £9.99.

personalise a rose




sassy bloom box

Our first Sassy Bloom Box

sassy bloom box

I’ve been looking forward to the Sassy Bloom subscription.  Similar to the My Little Box subscription that I use to sign up to, this is targeted for our little munchkins. Designed to make mummies and daddies life a little easier whilst saving some pennies; every month a box to introduce you to items fun or useful for the little bubbas.
As JJ and I open the box, we are welcome with the story behind how Sassy Bloom started.  The idea was triggered when unfortunately Holly was diagnosed with an incurable heart and lung disease called Pulmonary Hypertension, during pregnancy.  After being in hospital and delivering her baby at 34 weeks, her friends put together a gift box full of items for both her and her daughter. I wish I came up with it! Boy, would I love shopping and searching for items!!


Sassy Bloom Box with bow

So the subscription comes at different price points; £29.95 monthly, 3 months paid in full at £28.95 a month, 6 months paid in full at  £27.95 monthly or annually paid in full at £25.95 per month. It is suggested that the box contents values at £50- £60 per box. So hopefully some money is saved. Also Sassy Bloom have a referral scheme whereby with   collected points/referrals you can gain a free box.  Let’s see what the box has to offer – very exciting!

sassy bloom box joshua

sassy bloom box

Personalised Bib RRP £10.00

I’m a mahoosive fan of personalised items, so receiving a bib with Joshua’s name on it was brilliant! It’s very soft and just perfect.  I’ve started using bibs within the last month due to Joshua dribbling loads when he puts anything that comes in his eyesight in his mouth! The only annoying thing about it was that I had to stretch it a bit over JJ’s head (Maybe he has a big head?).  Although on the description on my account it mentions it should have a velcro fastening which would of been handy!

sassy bloom box

Personalised Bib

Halilut Rainbow Shaker RRP £5.99

A textured prism effect tube with balls that makes a perfect shaker.  It’s very colourful whereby JJ is mesmerised by all the different colour balls.  I used it as sound tracker, where he easily follows the sound. Nice small toy to add to his toy basket.


Sassy Bloom Box with bow

.  Shea Mooti Mama’s Everything Body Balm £16.99

To be honest, at £16.99 I kind of preferred if this was replaced with an item for JJ rather than me.  Don’t get me wrong – love that there was something for me, but maybe at a smaller value.  However, this balm seems perfect for my skin!  Its eczema friendly and because it’s an oily balm, it helps with my dry skin.  The initial aroma that hit my nose is the lavender. However it also contains cocoa butter and jojoba oils. Its meant to reduce stretch marks.  Fingers crossed!


Sassy Bloom Box with bow

BKids Take Along Activity Efe RRP £12.99

Besides JJ wanting to eat it, when hanged on a seat Efe the Elephant seemed to provide entertainment for JJ..  He liked the rattle and crackling sounds he could create.  Hoping this will make him stay in his seat a tad bit longer so I can do some house chores.  Aha!


Sassy Bloom Box with bow

Nuby Teething Buddie RRP £4.99

OK, so JJ has about 3 or 4 teething toys.  Another one won’t hurt.  The cute thing about this is that’s a comforter as well.  A 2-in-1 toy.


Sassy Bloom Box with bow

Bright Starts Flexi Ball RRP £5.99

This has got to be JJ’s favourite item from Sassy Bloom’s box.  I rarely see JJ grasp items for a long time.  This Flexi ball allows him to easily hold it.  It’s not something I would have purchased myself if found in a shop initially but very glad it arrived in the Sassy Bloom box.


Sassy Bloom Box with bow


Overall, I love the idea of Sassy Bloom and adore the contents.  I hope the items continue to be fun! You can defintly see the savings if you were to buy all these items together.  It would also make a great present to any mummy and baby out there!  If you would like £10 off you 1st Sassy Box then please use the code LaisLilf



Welcome to Randomise


Hazel Reynolds, inspired by the BBC’s Apprentice show (There was some awful games!), wanted to create a game so that her sister would be pulled away from the iPad.  She certainly achieved it!

A small pocket size game that can fit in your jeans pocket….


Small enough to fit in your pocket

Slightly bigger than playing cards…..


In comparison to Pictionary

Randomise is a hilarious fun packed game for all ages – as long as you can attempt to draw, act or describe. In comparison to some of the familiar games we know, this puts creativity to the test.  Some of these words would not be joint in matrimony but Randomise makes it happen! Itchy hippy digging a hole.  Cruel salmon arranging flowers.  Energetic tortoise planting a tree.  Even Alice in Wonderland lacks these eccentric characters.




The artwork illustrations are simple and cartoony by Leelu.  A perfect match to the game.  A cute little elephant with a matchstick situated on the card pile A.  A dinosaur selling lemonade on the card pile B and a unicorn riding a bike on the card pile C.






Pack A equivalents to a description, with pack B being a character and pack C puts the character in motion. The players decide on a number and the level and then get into action – act, draw or describe. The results are hilarious, nutty and full of laughter. Great entertainment with family and friends!  So much so I even played this at hospital, whilst waiting for contractions to appear!


Packed it in my hospital bag

Highly recommended!  

Buy it at Amazon at £9.99

Share your randomise photos and videos at Facebook

Instagram Randomise and use #randomise




my little dolce vita box

My Little Dolce Vita Box – My Little Box

my little dolce vita box


A stylish, fashionable figure with a gorgeous flowy print skirt in the setting of Italy is the illustration on the box.  What stands out is ‘Dolce Vita’ – translated to Sweet Life.  My Little Box has travelled to another realm – Italy! Mint, peach and yellow is the colour palette used which is also transferred to all the products inside the box.  I have to say upon opening the box, my nose tingles with delight at the scent of something sweet.

Kanako’s artwork reappears in this box edition, with stilettos, gelato, coffee and ‘Everything sounds better in Italian.’ To me however any foreign language sounds better – even sexy.

I’m reminiscing about Rome many years ago, as ‘Rome is on my mind’ appears on a box with a peekaboo hole.  It’s a turquoise, mint, yellow and pale pink turban!  Looks very pretty but hope it’s a good size that fits my head.  Headbands can be a bit tight for me.  (Must have a big head!).  At the back of the box in the magazine, there are instructions on different ways to wear the fashion accessory.

my little dolce vita box

A miniscule box with ‘Ciao Bella’ which interpreted means hello beautiful, (Oh, feeling so special now) lyes a little gold ring.  It’s leafy, adjustable and fits my finger!  (Hurrah).  Not much of a jewellery fan but can see me wearing this J

Now, the beauty products.  In a vial is Courreges perfume of orange blossom.  It’s fresh and spicy and will replace one of my perfume sticks as that is coming to an end.   My Little Beauty presents a bronzing BB cream for the legs.  I hope it does give a little of sunkiss colour rather than looking orange.  I don’t use tanning products but a little won’t hurt as my legs are pastier than my face.  (Not to mention I have a natural teeny tiny tan).  Then there’s the green tea jasmine body oil by Baija.  Oil for the body compliments my skin – again another product I can’t wait to use.  None of these products would be something I initially buy, so really glad My Little Box is introducing new beauty products.

Just loving this May box!


my little flower box

My Little Flower Box – My Little Box

my little flower box

To coincide with Spring April’s My Little Box is based on flowers.  Quite fitting for me really, as I have received many flowers for the birth of Baby Joshua and so happy the box was in tune to me.  Absolutely adore flowers now (Was never fussed about them before until I received my first bouquet for organising a baby shower).  Goodbye winter!

The box itself is designed as a book – an inspiration taken from literary by Balzac Paris.  The flower artwork with different shades of green and oranges is not Kanoko’s art work.  Even her normal card with an image and quote has disappeared.  Maybe she went on annual leave?  Either way, it was refreshing to see a new turn to the box and welcome Balzac Paris designs.

Like a child opening up gifts I animatedly open up the box to find a pop up garden.  Kanako’s artwork is now featured here with cityscape as the backdrop and a lady on her bicycle (So me!  I love cycling!)  I just need to follow a few basic instructions and some flowers will grow.  Perfect for the windowsill by the kitchen!

In collaboration with Balzac Paris, a peach purse is in the box with similar orange and green flower prints that is on the box.  With 2 pockets inside, those naughty lingerie can fit perfectly inside.  Again can use this when I go to Cumbria and when home I’m thinking my breast pads can go there too – ahahaha.

my little flower box

With a hint of citrus is My Little Beauty own Rosy Mornings – Detoxifying Mask bursting with vitamin C and 96% natural ingredients.  Perfect for my sensitive skin! A mention in the My Little World magazine is a playlist and to do list whilst using the mask.  One day when I get a moment for 10 minutes I’ll use it!

L’Occitane  cherry blossom bath and shower gel smells divine!  More likely to save for when I go away as it’s a travel size or maybe for a treat, let some droplets into a bath.

One of my favourite nail varnish brands is Nails Inc and what have My Little Box included – the Kensington Caviar Base Coat.  Did My Little Box read my mind or something?  I’m running out of a base coat and this has just replaced it.  Hopefully will get back into doing funky nail designs again.

my little flower box

This box was invigorating.  I adored every piece in it and will undoubtedly use each piece!