Dreams during pregnancy

Dreams become intense and peculiar, well at least my ones, during pregnancy. My first dream was being in labour but rather than experiencing it the natural way, I felt something being squeezed out of my arse. What appears is an orange and while foil wrapper covering an egg shaped chocolate.  The chocolate was a solid state and when cracked, there appeared the yellow casing with a toy!  A Kinder egg! There were several of these Kinder eggs that I had to go through.  Just why oh why am I dreaming about laying Kinder eggs!

Another dream was a bundle of my family and friends together at a gathering.  Whilst chatting, Louella all of a sudden, as if someone else invaded her body said calmly “5 people to die”.  With shock, we halted.  Louella did not recall what she had said.  Across from the large room, others started dying or whilst other were in the core of screaming with excruciating pain.  We were being conquered by some sort of extra-terrestrial.  I knew a hide-out and carefully led those that were with me to an abandoned factory.  It was probably an assassin’s heaven – all types of weapons lined up, stacked, and organised.  I told everyone to pack what they could urgently of which they did.  Magically, comfortable clothes dressed us, so we could move easily.  I wasn’t sure where we were going but didn’t want anyone killed or taken.  As we are roaming the streets, we find that those who have turned still look human – they were being controlled, but could turn into murdering machines when evoked.  One of them grabbed hold of me, where my body felt it was absorbing some sort of energy.  I didn’t want to turn into them.  Whilst fighting, I shouted “Get out of me” which is what Martin said I screamed in my sleep!

So I believed this one to be real, to the point I was googling the news but couldn’t see anything once I woke up – Kim Jong-um of North Korea made peace with South Korea.

My brain decided to conjure another labour dream.  However this time as soon as my baby came out, he said the words “Hello Mama”.

Recently I don’t remember much, except that the common theme is I am yelling at someone I know, which wakes Martin up during his sleep.    It’s been a different person and reason but can never remember why.

I do wonder the next one will be! Can anyone tell me what they mean?

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  1. I can’t help interpret your dreams but I seriously guffawed when you dreamt about laying surprise eggs. That is as close to having a child as it can get. You never know what you’re going to get 😂 what a crazy dream! None of my dreams were as exciting as yours, though I did dream once that Bron cheated and I happily left him… Maybe I was unconsciously blaming all my pregnancy aches and pains on him.

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