First GP Appointment and Midwife Booking

Do you recall the impatience I had when trying to wait for the booked GP appointment? I thought I could ask my book of questions?  Honestly, this was so that they could get the basics such as the last menstrual cycle date and figure the estimated due date, all of which could have been questioned over the phone.  Once this information was collected, she then was preparing the necessary paperwork to refer me to a midwife. She shrugged of my symptoms, as most are considered normal.  All of this is meant to be thoroughly detailed during the midwife booking that is to be arranged.  It felt like a waste of my time whilst I could be earning at work.  I walked away deflated as I thought I could have a long conversation and feel at ease but GP appointments try to make sessions only 10 minutes.  I was denied to ask about other non-pregnancy problems too of which I would have to book again.  However, the advantage was that I would receive an exemption certificate so that prescriptions and dental treatment would be free up until 1 year after giving birth.  Yay!

The midwife booking was at Epsom hospital within the maternity unit. The receptionist produced a colourful A3 plastic folder.  My eyes twinkled, as I love receiving items that I do not have to reluctantly get my purse out.  The outside cover had printed snippets of information from MAMA Academy. Inside was the very important green NHS pregnancy notes booklet.  This is a booklet that you must carry with you at all times in case of an emergency/accident.  I have found that non pregnant females are not familiar about this, so as a tip, just inform your loved ones, and your work place.  A glossy magazine was hidden in there also with many coupons to help throughout pregnancy.

Strangely whilst waiting, all the patients seemed further into their pregnancy by their bump size. By now, I was around 11 week’s gestation.  It slightly felt like I was in an exclusive club – with everyone having their green notes.  Yet most of them had their partners or at least a friend with them.  Waiting querulously to be seen too, and for Martin arrival, I filled out  the green notes.  When I was seen, the midwife, chirpy Heather, made me feel at ease.  It is a lot to take in for a first time pregnancy.  I would suggest to anyone to come prepared, know the family’s history and bring your questions.  There was a lot of information to absorb and unfortunately my head could not decipher everything in a short space of time.  Martin attended half way too, rather than not being punctual – grrr!  We went through the following:

  • Family illnesses from both families (This helps with selecting the correct maternity path)
  • What would happen throughout the course of pregnancy with regards to appointments
  • Blood tests/investigations (What they are for)
  • If I would like the baby to be tested for downs syndrome (Yes)
  • Pregnancy symptoms and solutions (I’ll put a post about the symptoms I have and am experiencing – hell!)
  • Any risks identified
  • Choices of childbird (Interested in the birth centre)
  • Do’s and don’t’s and what others think (Answered most of my questions)
  • Feeding baby (Thankfully it was just options and not how to do it as that’ll be later in parent craft courses)
  • Parentcraft course
  • Pelvic floor exercise (Do them or you will leak like crazy)

Afterwards I had to experience near to the same occurrence of blood tests like I did in Santorini – trouble finding my vein in both arms! Apparently I was dehydrated but rather than give me water, they just kept penetrating the needle everywhere.  I could not hack the movement of the needle being moved side to side, vigorously, once it had surpassed my skin. The next time I will end up biting the soul destroying nurse.  I needed to take a break and went into the waiting room with tears to Martin.  To the corner of my eye I saw a girlfriend reassure her boyfriend caressing his thigh that the injections would be fine.  He did drop in that he had a friend that was having trouble like me, where the injection had to be done in the feet! Crikey! After the nightmare of injections was complete a few weeks later I got the results and all was ok.  I am deemed low risk.  Phew!

I came across this blog and think it describes the 1st Midwife Booking Appointment well

A sample of Pregnancy Notes Booklet can be found here

How did your GP and Booking go?

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