my little flower box

My Little Flower Box – My Little Box

my little flower box

To coincide with Spring April’s My Little Box is based on flowers.  Quite fitting for me really, as I have received many flowers for the birth of Baby Joshua and so happy the box was in tune to me.  Absolutely adore flowers now (Was never fussed about them before until I received my first bouquet for organising a baby shower).  Goodbye winter!

The box itself is designed as a book – an inspiration taken from literary by Balzac Paris.  The flower artwork with different shades of green and oranges is not Kanoko’s art work.  Even her normal card with an image and quote has disappeared.  Maybe she went on annual leave?  Either way, it was refreshing to see a new turn to the box and welcome Balzac Paris designs.

Like a child opening up gifts I animatedly open up the box to find a pop up garden.  Kanako’s artwork is now featured here with cityscape as the backdrop and a lady on her bicycle (So me!  I love cycling!)  I just need to follow a few basic instructions and some flowers will grow.  Perfect for the windowsill by the kitchen!

In collaboration with Balzac Paris, a peach purse is in the box with similar orange and green flower prints that is on the box.  With 2 pockets inside, those naughty lingerie can fit perfectly inside.  Again can use this when I go to Cumbria and when home I’m thinking my breast pads can go there too – ahahaha.

my little flower box

With a hint of citrus is My Little Beauty own Rosy Mornings – Detoxifying Mask bursting with vitamin C and 96% natural ingredients.  Perfect for my sensitive skin! A mention in the My Little World magazine is a playlist and to do list whilst using the mask.  One day when I get a moment for 10 minutes I’ll use it!

L’Occitane  cherry blossom bath and shower gel smells divine!  More likely to save for when I go away as it’s a travel size or maybe for a treat, let some droplets into a bath.

One of my favourite nail varnish brands is Nails Inc and what have My Little Box included – the Kensington Caviar Base Coat.  Did My Little Box read my mind or something?  I’m running out of a base coat and this has just replaced it.  Hopefully will get back into doing funky nail designs again.

my little flower box

This box was invigorating.  I adored every piece in it and will undoubtedly use each piece!


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  1. I love anything with a citrus scent. So refreshing and uplifting. Spring will be here soon enough and this is exactly what it makes me think of.
    The cherry blossom bath gel does sound wonderful. Fruit scented body washes are a treat.
    I have sensitive skin as well, so products (like the mask you mentioned) are perfect for me. I love the way my face feels after using one. So clean and soft.
    All in all, this sounds like a fun box of beauty treats.

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