sassy bloom box

Our Second Sassy Bloom Box

sassy bloom box

After the first Sassy Bloom Box, I was really looking forward to the surprises in the next box.  Totally love all the goodies for JJ!

Munchkin Twisty Barbell Teether Toy £4.99

Originally I was thinking not another teether toy but seeing JJ bite on everything that comes in his view – maybe this was good item. It is!  It’s very colourful and JJ seems to go for the round ends.  Sometimes he likes to chew on the rings.  This teether toy definitely keeps him occupied due to the varied textures for a good 10 minutes until he wants another toy.

Sassy bloombox

Brother Max 2 Catch and Fold Baby Bibs RRP £5.99

I love this! It comes with 2 bibs that are waterproof  – perfect! You can attach the food catcher at two different heights.  (It has seen a lot of food!).  And whilst you’re out and about, the crumb catcher can close easily, storing the bib and baby spoons.  I definitely recommend this.

sassy bloom box

Childs Play Wally Whale and his friends £5.99

Very weird that this came through – as I was wanting more bath toys for JJ! Wally whale squeaks and squirts each time he meets a friend. It’s a waterproof book – brilliant for learning in the bath and having fun at the same time.  Keen to get the other books!sassy bloom box

Taf Toys Kooky Boy Petit Garcon Kooky £12.99

This looks like a crazy weird clown. JJ holds his interest while this is placed in the car seat.  There’s plastic rings, a rattle, chime bell sound, a teether and different textures all over. As all the toys out there, it helps the baby develop senses and motor skills by playing with the shapes and features.

Munchkin Tip & Sip Straw Cup £5.60

It promises to be a leak proof but I have yet to test it.  I know the 2 handles would be great as JJ uses his doidy cup with 2 handles. It comes with a brush to easily clean the straw. The straw is very flexible to the point you can bend it and close the lid over it so no spillage.


.Overall very happy with this box, and can not wait for the next one.  Treats for JJ!


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