my little dolce vita box

My Little Dolce Vita Box – My Little Box

my little dolce vita box


A stylish, fashionable figure with a gorgeous flowy print skirt in the setting of Italy is the illustration on the box.  What stands out is ‘Dolce Vita’ – translated to Sweet Life.  My Little Box has travelled to another realm – Italy! Mint, peach and yellow is the colour palette used which is also transferred to all the products inside the box.  I have to say upon opening the box, my nose tingles with delight at the scent of something sweet.

Kanako’s artwork reappears in this box edition, with stilettos, gelato, coffee and ‘Everything sounds better in Italian.’ To me however any foreign language sounds better – even sexy.

I’m reminiscing about Rome many years ago, as ‘Rome is on my mind’ appears on a box with a peekaboo hole.  It’s a turquoise, mint, yellow and pale pink turban!  Looks very pretty but hope it’s a good size that fits my head.  Headbands can be a bit tight for me.  (Must have a big head!).  At the back of the box in the magazine, there are instructions on different ways to wear the fashion accessory.

my little dolce vita box

A miniscule box with ‘Ciao Bella’ which interpreted means hello beautiful, (Oh, feeling so special now) lyes a little gold ring.  It’s leafy, adjustable and fits my finger!  (Hurrah).  Not much of a jewellery fan but can see me wearing this J

Now, the beauty products.  In a vial is Courreges perfume of orange blossom.  It’s fresh and spicy and will replace one of my perfume sticks as that is coming to an end.   My Little Beauty presents a bronzing BB cream for the legs.  I hope it does give a little of sunkiss colour rather than looking orange.  I don’t use tanning products but a little won’t hurt as my legs are pastier than my face.  (Not to mention I have a natural teeny tiny tan).  Then there’s the green tea jasmine body oil by Baija.  Oil for the body compliments my skin – again another product I can’t wait to use.  None of these products would be something I initially buy, so really glad My Little Box is introducing new beauty products.

Just loving this May box!


my little flower box

My Little Flower Box – My Little Box

my little flower box

To coincide with Spring April’s My Little Box is based on flowers.  Quite fitting for me really, as I have received many flowers for the birth of Baby Joshua and so happy the box was in tune to me.  Absolutely adore flowers now (Was never fussed about them before until I received my first bouquet for organising a baby shower).  Goodbye winter!

The box itself is designed as a book – an inspiration taken from literary by Balzac Paris.  The flower artwork with different shades of green and oranges is not Kanoko’s art work.  Even her normal card with an image and quote has disappeared.  Maybe she went on annual leave?  Either way, it was refreshing to see a new turn to the box and welcome Balzac Paris designs.

Like a child opening up gifts I animatedly open up the box to find a pop up garden.  Kanako’s artwork is now featured here with cityscape as the backdrop and a lady on her bicycle (So me!  I love cycling!)  I just need to follow a few basic instructions and some flowers will grow.  Perfect for the windowsill by the kitchen!

In collaboration with Balzac Paris, a peach purse is in the box with similar orange and green flower prints that is on the box.  With 2 pockets inside, those naughty lingerie can fit perfectly inside.  Again can use this when I go to Cumbria and when home I’m thinking my breast pads can go there too – ahahaha.

my little flower box

With a hint of citrus is My Little Beauty own Rosy Mornings – Detoxifying Mask bursting with vitamin C and 96% natural ingredients.  Perfect for my sensitive skin! A mention in the My Little World magazine is a playlist and to do list whilst using the mask.  One day when I get a moment for 10 minutes I’ll use it!

L’Occitane  cherry blossom bath and shower gel smells divine!  More likely to save for when I go away as it’s a travel size or maybe for a treat, let some droplets into a bath.

One of my favourite nail varnish brands is Nails Inc and what have My Little Box included – the Kensington Caviar Base Coat.  Did My Little Box read my mind or something?  I’m running out of a base coat and this has just replaced it.  Hopefully will get back into doing funky nail designs again.

my little flower box

This box was invigorating.  I adored every piece in it and will undoubtedly use each piece!


My little bubble box

My Little Bubble Box – My Little Box

This box arrived in March (Yes, I’m totally delayed in writing about this!  Sorry!)  I was greeted with an 80’s throwback theme colour scheme of blue and pink with a female skater.  This made me eager to rummage through the goodies as skating was a great hobby of mine when I was young and who didn’t like the 80’s!

My little bubble box

I was initially deflated with ‘Be Wild’ balloon attached to a piece of card.  This could have been improved with receiving a pack of balloons or replace it with an alternative item.  However to turn this around, I’m sure I can use this opportunity for a fun photo prop later in the year.

My favourite item was Bulle De Teint – Beauty Bubble.  The sponge has become a regular used must have in my make-up routine. Normally where more than 1 brush is required for foundation, the different shape areas of the sponge can be used.  On top of this, when reading the magazine it can also be used on lips and cheeks, eyes and nails!  Very handy!

Quickly I shoved the soft cushion paddle brush into my hospital bag as the one I currently have is humongous.  Can you tell I adore all things small so it’s easy to carry and pack!?  (Leaving more room to carry more items on the go).

My little bubble box


Accompanied with the box was a Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara.  Pocket size pen with a fine tip and perfect for my purse.  The body case itself had a bit of thought too and partners well with the haute couture – high end fashion.

Similar to Benefit’s Tint, My Little Beauty had their version of lip and cheek tint.  Personally I wasn’t fond of the bright bubble-gum shade of pink as it’s not suited to my complexion.  For those that don’t mind the shade – 2 in 1 is always handy!ique

The last item which is still remained unopen is the facial peel Garancia Pschitt Magique, I think!  There was nothing in English and is all in French L  Until I can get my lovely translator to convert what it says I can’t say much about it.

My little bubble box

It’s not my preferred themed box but it’s not disappointing.   The main thing here is I’m using most of the items – and straight away!





my little home box

My Little Home Box – My Little Box

The February box has arrived early than usual. I was expecting the theme to be based on amour due to Valentines Day, however surprisingly it was based on home. Quite rightly suits what I have been doing lately, as I have been nesting the last month or so.

Kanako this time rounds sticks to a cool colouring system, of greys, blues and peach. The box itself has one of her typical drawings, with a female relaxing on a chair reading a magazine. The magazine publishes about interior design, top deco pics, deco e-shop made, and a diy hanging plant holder.

my little home box

Digging into the box like a little child, I find a sky blue A5 picture frame, with Kanako’s artwork. Totally chuffed about this as it would suit the nursery Martin and I are decorating.

my little home box

Accompanying the home theme is a reversible cushion cover, which I was so excited about. I attempted to put a cushion filling in but, the cover was a little too small. I’m sure I will post a picture later once I got the right size, where it will sit nicely in the nursery room.

my little home box

The little bag has repetitive prints of lipstick. I always end up using these bags for sorting out toiletries or carrying money. They always come to good use! Inside them contains 3 beauty products which I am introduced to. The noxidoxi mask & peel scrub – can’t wait to use this just to feel refreshed and pretty once I get some me time! My Little Beauty features Easy Morning, a skin perfecting cream, a moisturiser that nourishes, brightens and evens out complexions. Inspired by the countryside is a shea butter body cream, Mitchell and Peach’s English Leaf. Smells divine!

my little home box

Happy with this box again, as I know I’ll use everything in the box!

For more information visit My Little Box website

My Little Wish Box – My Little Box

my little wish box

I fell in love with the My Little Box subscription over a year ago, which is full of beauty and lifestyle surprises through the post every month. I adore unknown packages and letters that do not involve bills in this case the January 2016 My Little Box.  With anticipation I open it up greeted with the sticker Happy New Dreams and Happy New Year.  The box theme is My Little Wish Box, fittingly suited to the New Year.

Kanako, the artist was busy designing a dandelion being blown with the words My Little Wish Box.  The edge of the box is a message from the team at My Little Box for what they wish upon 2016 for all their subscribers.  Well thought out!

I have my fingers crossed that they stuck to the glossy magazine rather than the fold out paper poster magazine.  A smile appears – its back to original form of glossiness.  Skimming through, it’s all about the reader’s wishes Instagram hashtags.  An excerpt from Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert I found inspiring was “I wanted to meet people, and to hear their stories.  Writers are told to write what they know and all I knew was that I didn’t know very much”.  A printed card with the quotation from Walt Disney “All our dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them”.  I love these cards and have been saving them all.  Not sure yet what I’ll do with them.  Any ideas?

Going with the mint theme is a mint A5 diary which I will definitely use.  In the drawstring bag (I have collected these as they are so handy) is 3 necessary items.  Melted Fuchsia lipstick in a tube – liquefied long wear lipstick.  I will let you know how many hours this last.  A My Little Beauty (their own brand) of lip balm in the shape of lip stick.  Ren clean skincare presents a kind to skin formula of cleansing water to cleanse, remove makeup and tone.  These are all small hand size items which is always convenient for me in case I need to bring them anywhere.

The final gift was a range of message bracelets in the form of a ribbon.  You can tear off the cards and give to anyone!  I gave one to Louella and she loved it.

I love this box and it’ll be added to my organised boxes!