Cake Smash Top Ten Tips

Organising a cake smash

How to get great photos in a cake smash.

Cake Smash

I’m doing this not only to help you mumma’s out there organising a cake smash – but just to show how cute Joshua and his friends are! If you can’t handle mess – then don’t do it! We were not really planning on having anything big on Joshua’s birthday as long as he got a big present from us and a cake.

He’s had a big baptism party  so I didn’t feel he needed another big party, but as long as we celebrate his 1 year 🙂  Lets be honest, 1 year olds can’t appreciate all the hard work for a party or the gifts! Joshua ended up sharing two cake smashes with his fellow baby friends to celebrate all of their birthdays! Yes – this is a group baby smash!

If you are wondering what is a cake smash? It involves cake, babies and mess (usually)! It’s letting your one year old loose on a giant cake whilst being pictured, and is normally celebrated when babies turn 1. It started off in the US and we have adopted it here in the UK, along with usually a bath afterwards.

I can’t believe how far Joshua has come – a year has flown by so fast! Not only is he growing up, his personality is developing, which I love seeing. Martin and I have grown as well and have learnt so much as parents. We’ve all survived a year of no sleep, crying, nappies, and of course experienced the great giggles, the baby milestones, and the pure love between us, a family.

So why not celebrate with a cake for your baby? Don’t fret about giving sugar .  It’s not a whole cake they will eat. So loosen up mummies and here’s some tips.

1. Either stick a protective pretty table cloth/mat/paper on the wall and floor. It’ll act as a backdrop in your photos, and your walls and floors won’t be covered in icing! I would recommend a white or neutral background. If you are daring, then light colour prints are brilliant.  I used a photo stand and yellow chevron paper roll which is worth it if you know you will use them again for other photo opportunities.  For example I used them as a back drop in my Bride to Be boxes post.  There’s a whole range paper rolls at Creativity Backgrounds. Alternatively stick the paper on your wall, or just use a wall as a backdrop.

2. Protect your floor /carpet with a waterproof mat, or some paper, or old table linen for when the actual cake smash happens. We also placed some play mats underneath, so it was comfy for the babies and safe. The yellow chevron easy wipe mat seen on the photos can be found on Amazon. I didn’t have to worry too much about mess!

Cake Smash

3. Try and get as much natural light in as possible, and turn the indoor lights off. If you are quite particular on your photos I’d advise to take 1 or 2 practice shots to see how it all turns out. Also, don’t force the babies to look at the camera.  Otherwise you will be there forever trying to get the best shot. The natural ones can be the best and are just as beautiful!

Cake Smash

4. Have an idea of what colours you want to used.  As both cake smashes were mixed with boys and girls, it was a bit easier for us to mix the colours up. I think its so nice to have bright colours.  It makes the photos look so much better 🙂

5. For the decorations, use some bunting, or pom poms.  Balloons are a hit with the babies as they love to play with them. Don’t forget to have one or 2 toys in case you need to entertain or distract the babies. We added a large photo frame which looks great. There’s so much you can add – go wild with the number 1 figure or chalkboard with a happy birthday message. Anything to represent the babies throughout the year, or your themed idea? – Safari, a CBeebies show?

6. For the cake – you really don’t need to buy an extravagant cake. Its only going to be ruined the babies. One of the mums bought cake from Costco and another mum made the cake. Don’t forget food for yourself and the other mums.

7. Please , please , pleeeeeease get your baby in a cute outfit. A typical cake smash outfit for boys is shorts, hat and bow tie. For a girl, its some frilly  shorts or a tutu with a hat. It will give the photos some oomph! And dress up is total fun!

8. There is no need to buy some brand new spanking camera – just use the lens from your mobile phone. The pictures here are taken from my  Samsung S7 Edge, with no filters. I’m sure you have a phone already with a camera 😉

9. Consider clean up – how will the babies be cleaned afterwards? Bath or wipes? This is a great chance to take bath photos! You’ve got to clean those babies afterwards! The bath photos are so cute!

10. Have fun! Don’t stress. Expect babies to cry, love it, eat loads and be messy.

P.S If doing a cake smash with other babies – don’t forget to share the expenses and dish out tasks to each mum.  It’s such a cheap way to get together and celebrate the birthdays.

We really didn’t spend much.  In total for one cake smash it was £122 which was shared amongst all the mums – and that was mainly food for us adults. You don’t have to go extravagant and everyone can share the work load.  I’m so grateful I have these other mums to share these moments with.  They have all been a blessing whilst on maternity leave and I know I’ll have some great friends when I return back to work.

Watch the cake smash below.  Please share and follow 🙂

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I’d love to see your cake smash photos! Please post them below 🙂