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I thought I’d join the craze and share it with JJ. I wasn’t too keen when I heard about it but it’s actually addictive. It’s a new innovative way to get my fat ass  walking more. Another good excuse to take JJ for a buggy walk. Hope I get to loose my belly flab and tone my wobbly legs!

For those that want to know where this is…it’s in Horton Park, Epsom…I’m sure I’ll see you soon.


Welcome to Randomise


Hazel Reynolds, inspired by the BBC’s Apprentice show (There was some awful games!), wanted to create a game so that her sister would be pulled away from the iPad.  She certainly achieved it!

A small pocket size game that can fit in your jeans pocket….


Small enough to fit in your pocket

Slightly bigger than playing cards…..


In comparison to Pictionary

Randomise is a hilarious fun packed game for all ages – as long as you can attempt to draw, act or describe. In comparison to some of the familiar games we know, this puts creativity to the test.  Some of these words would not be joint in matrimony but Randomise makes it happen! Itchy hippy digging a hole.  Cruel salmon arranging flowers.  Energetic tortoise planting a tree.  Even Alice in Wonderland lacks these eccentric characters.




The artwork illustrations are simple and cartoony by Leelu.  A perfect match to the game.  A cute little elephant with a matchstick situated on the card pile A.  A dinosaur selling lemonade on the card pile B and a unicorn riding a bike on the card pile C.






Pack A equivalents to a description, with pack B being a character and pack C puts the character in motion. The players decide on a number and the level and then get into action – act, draw or describe. The results are hilarious, nutty and full of laughter. Great entertainment with family and friends!  So much so I even played this at hospital, whilst waiting for contractions to appear!


Packed it in my hospital bag

Highly recommended!  

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