Dad, You are loved. You are missed. You are remembered.

It is overwhelming to see you all today to celebrate the life of my dad, Marcelino Samson.  We are all here today, proud to call him dad, husband, uncle, lolo, friend and colleague.  He gave us countless memories of which I would like to share a few with you, and hopefully these can bring a smile to your face and remain in your hearts.

The first time I met my dad I was 2 years old and we were at the airport waiting for him to arrive from the Philippines.  For someone I didn’t know, we immediately clicked and I ran towards him to give him a big hug.  That was the start of us.

He could at times be a very strict dad.  No boyfriends were permitted in the house and curfews were always set.  I know now that he only wanted the best for me and for me to have all the opportunities in the world.  As we both grew older he slowly learnt to relax and trust in me.  He saw me grow up from being his little girl to the woman and mother I am now, which must have been hard for him.

He would insist on helping me even if I didn’t need it.  When there were serious moments he would like to lighten them up with a joke.  For example, I had a severe car crash a while ago, where the car landed upside down.  When he heard, instead of checking how I was doing, he asked ‘Where is my Tom Tom?’ He always knew how to make people laugh.

To his family, he would do anything for them.  And in turn they would do everything for him.  In Philippines he was the favourite brother and uncle.  He rarely lifted a finger, s much so that he was shocked at how he had to adapt to the way of life in London and do chores.  Almost every year, he would visit his brothers, sister, nieces, and nephews in the Philippines.  If any were to visit London he would always welcome them with open arms, somewhere to stay and most importantly provide food.

To his friends and colleagues, he was a generous person.  It was always a joyous occasion when he was with you.  He loved to spend as much time joking and socialising with you.  He was someone you could trust and rely on.  He was someone you could trust and rely on.  He was a friend to so many people.

Dad was an enthusiast for all things gadgets and technology.  The latest technology could always be found around our house.  Examples include, just to say a few, the latest computer, video camera, digital camera, pager, cd player, cassette player, mini disc player, mp3 player, navigation kit, speakers, surround sound system and karaoke machine.  The list goes on, as if you were shopping in Dixons.  Most recently he even bought a 50″ curved TV which was way too big for the living room.  He was very proud of it.  Quite fittingly, our home is now filled with Samsung items.  His thirst for technology is something I loved as I quickly followed suit.



My cousins can agree that he loved technology so much that he even built his own hi fi system.  He would use the items from a car and work his magic on it.  I recently found out he studied automobiles as one of his school subjects, which now explains the love if his cars and how he liked to diagnose motor problems.

I remember our daily car journeys together when I was little.  The routine would be a 5am waking up, make Dad a cup of coffee and then take mum to work.  In the evening it would be a 9pm pick up.  I always admired how he never complained that it was too early.  He would happily drive along listening to Heart FM or Celine Dion.

So moving on from one of his great loves, to another great love..rice!  If you now my dad well, you know that he loved rice.  Just the other day we were cleaning his car and typically found grains of rice in the boot.  For all UK long distance trips, rice always had to be packed.  I was guaranteed to be on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Any restaurants we went to had to serve rice, otherwise he didn’t want to eat there.

Ironically he only learnt to cook rice when he arrived in the UK.  When I was young, as he was learning to cook, he often burnt the food.  Strangely though he enjoyed it.  To him, burnt food was crispy and still tasty.  He always said no matter how bad the food would be for his health, he would want to enjoy it fully.  He would rather die happy than deprived of food.

I loved his positive outlook to life.  Throughout the numerous operations and treatments he had to endure, he always remained positive.  There was never a moan about how hard things was.  He got on and continued with living.  I know he loved every bit of his life.



Finally to Mum, he had oceans of love and affection for you that just radiated out of him.  He wasn’t shy to show you off to anyone and was always proud of having you next to him.  I would love to have the same loyalty, honesty and strength that you have for each other as it is so amazing to see, especially as you are still going strong after 32 years.

To Dad, everyone has love for you in their hearts.  Your attributes have bought a lifetime of memories, that none of us will ever forget.  Be with God, watch over us and rest in perfect peace till we see you again.  I love you.

Thank you to Frederick W Paine Funeral Directors, St Joseph Catholic Church Colliers Wood, Lambeth Crematorium and The Trafalgar Arms.

To our friends who gave their condolences, thank you so much, as it means so much to us.

To our family who have supported mum and I through this.  You are truly loved.


We love you


Marcelino Samson balloon release


Welcome to Randomise


Hazel Reynolds, inspired by the BBC’s Apprentice show (There was some awful games!), wanted to create a game so that her sister would be pulled away from the iPad.  She certainly achieved it!

A small pocket size game that can fit in your jeans pocket….


Small enough to fit in your pocket

Slightly bigger than playing cards…..


In comparison to Pictionary

Randomise is a hilarious fun packed game for all ages – as long as you can attempt to draw, act or describe. In comparison to some of the familiar games we know, this puts creativity to the test.  Some of these words would not be joint in matrimony but Randomise makes it happen! Itchy hippy digging a hole.  Cruel salmon arranging flowers.  Energetic tortoise planting a tree.  Even Alice in Wonderland lacks these eccentric characters.




The artwork illustrations are simple and cartoony by Leelu.  A perfect match to the game.  A cute little elephant with a matchstick situated on the card pile A.  A dinosaur selling lemonade on the card pile B and a unicorn riding a bike on the card pile C.






Pack A equivalents to a description, with pack B being a character and pack C puts the character in motion. The players decide on a number and the level and then get into action – act, draw or describe. The results are hilarious, nutty and full of laughter. Great entertainment with family and friends!  So much so I even played this at hospital, whilst waiting for contractions to appear!


Packed it in my hospital bag

Highly recommended!  

Buy it at Amazon at £9.99

Share your randomise photos and videos at Facebook

Instagram Randomise and use #randomise




The Second Month


Attending a christening.  Note to oneself that hours preparation on everything is required. Makeup and hair is not 5mins anymore.


It’s mummy and son time finally! In between the feedings, crying, nappy changing, and cleaning I manage to fit our time. Love it when he looks at me. Next mission: Just need to start learning nursery rhymes o singing lessons. I’m so rubbish and hate hearing my own voice attempting to sing.


The bonding of Cousin Elvis and JJ begins. Oh gosh, they will both be troublesome together when they grow up. Looking forward to it.


The “Really, do I have to go?” look. Really, that starts already???


I’m trying to encourage tummy time but instead JJ wants to feed on the pillow.


“Mummy, you are going to dress me with this top and pants? I am shocked!” Those days when the child doesn’t like what you pick to wear will be here soon I’m sure.


Batman and leg warmers. I just love it!


“Mummy as I have jaundice I am going to soak up this sun. Leave me in peace whilst I relax and top up my tan.”


Meeting girlfriend to be Phoebe and future mummy in law Claire. Coffee, mummies and more babies time is much needed.


Auntie Jey and Uncle Jel meet JJ for the first time.


JJ hanging out with Daddy, Alex and Bradley


Quality time with Mummy and Daddy in Hampton Court. We need more and more. Love these moments!


“I just want to sleep. I’m fed up of meeting people.”. Rachael meeting JJ.


“Just gazing at the ceiling”


“Please mummy. No more tummy time!


After tummy time, JJ is knocked out and cosy with Daddy.


“I’m so tired of being kissed by people” Claire meeting JJ.


Daddy and son time. Yay!


Meeting Auntie Chona


“Seriously, meeting more people? Too many people!” Meeting Auntie Janez


JJ met alot of ladies, Baby Centre Group and their adorable little daughters earlier today and now is overwhelmed and exhausted!


Just about to go into milk coma!


JJ pee/fart/poo face! I use to think this was feed me face but was so wrong!


“Love Yoda. Just not the hat”


Meeting my God brother Nico. Whoop Whoop.


Meeting Ninang Bernedette and Ninong Paul


“I’m Superman!”


Brushing my teeth with JJ in carrier. Enough said


Meeting Auntie Louizza at night time


Missing Daddy.



Practicing head up and sitting down. Just toooooo cute!


Theo meeting JJ. He said he’s not good with babies but look at them!


Kate is a natural looking after kids


Letting a fart rip!


Milk coma again. Lol ust sleeping over me.


My little bubble box

My Little Bubble Box – My Little Box

This box arrived in March (Yes, I’m totally delayed in writing about this!  Sorry!)  I was greeted with an 80’s throwback theme colour scheme of blue and pink with a female skater.  This made me eager to rummage through the goodies as skating was a great hobby of mine when I was young and who didn’t like the 80’s!

My little bubble box

I was initially deflated with ‘Be Wild’ balloon attached to a piece of card.  This could have been improved with receiving a pack of balloons or replace it with an alternative item.  However to turn this around, I’m sure I can use this opportunity for a fun photo prop later in the year.

My favourite item was Bulle De Teint – Beauty Bubble.  The sponge has become a regular used must have in my make-up routine. Normally where more than 1 brush is required for foundation, the different shape areas of the sponge can be used.  On top of this, when reading the magazine it can also be used on lips and cheeks, eyes and nails!  Very handy!

Quickly I shoved the soft cushion paddle brush into my hospital bag as the one I currently have is humongous.  Can you tell I adore all things small so it’s easy to carry and pack!?  (Leaving more room to carry more items on the go).

My little bubble box


Accompanied with the box was a Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara.  Pocket size pen with a fine tip and perfect for my purse.  The body case itself had a bit of thought too and partners well with the haute couture – high end fashion.

Similar to Benefit’s Tint, My Little Beauty had their version of lip and cheek tint.  Personally I wasn’t fond of the bright bubble-gum shade of pink as it’s not suited to my complexion.  For those that don’t mind the shade – 2 in 1 is always handy!ique

The last item which is still remained unopen is the facial peel Garancia Pschitt Magique, I think!  There was nothing in English and is all in French L  Until I can get my lovely translator to convert what it says I can’t say much about it.

My little bubble box

It’s not my preferred themed box but it’s not disappointing.   The main thing here is I’m using most of the items – and straight away!





A Taste Of What Is Due To Happen

It is the second week of March, and we are celebrating Mama Alicia’s birthday at her house.  All the family is there or due to arrive.  For the last hour my bottom was firmly on top of the couch, cosy, watching TV.  We are called to the table to a feast of food to celebrate.  Oh, how delicious it looks.  I head upstairs to use the toilet facilities and the next thing I know I am panicking, urging Monica to come towards me.  Like the initial part of my pregnancy, my knickers were drenched in blood.  If it is fresh blood and a significant amount then you need to be seen urgently if after 12 weeks of pregnancy.  I was 33 committed weeks into my pregnancy.  What on earth was happening?   Is Bump Lentil O.K?  Monica calmed me down to the point I somehow forced a little giggle (no clue what we ended up talking about) but on the other hand Mama Alicia was now panicking, in replacement.

Martin and I rushed to hospital, the closest being St Georges Hospital.  We had opted for Epsom Hospital but that was at least 30 minutes away. Martin escorted me to the A & E – a strange system where you do not report to reception but wait until a nurse sees you.  As there is no ticketing schedule or any type of organisation in place, anyone could have been seen first, no matter how severe or non-severe an injury could be.  Our impatience propagated and so did other patients.  After calling Gary’s partner, Heather, a midwife in Cumbria she advised to head to the maternity unit.  She also mentioned that the bleeding could be an indication of the placenta separating from the wall of the uterus before the baby is born. At this point, I am sure a surge of hormones are being produced, increasing my blood pressure.

“Can I have your pregnancy notes?” is the first question the midwife says when we arrive at the maternity ward.  My heart must have skipped a beat.  Idiotic me did not have them.  Stupid, I know – this was the first time I did not carry them!  Of all the times, why did I not have them with me!!!!!! I give them all I know as they ask all the questions.  “How many weeks are you? When is your due date?  Position of placenta? Blood type? Have you had bleeding previously?  Explained what happened today.” I answer all of these with ease eagerly waiting for them to tell me what is happening to Bump or myself.  Bleeding within the third trimester can be caused by sex, exercise, internal exams, infections, but these were all ruled out. My blood pressure was taken which was slightly raised than normal. My pads/knickers were checked of which they agreed it was a lot. An internal check was carried out. An electronic fetal monitor was used to record my bumps heartbeat and any contractions for continuous monitoring.  Two transducers are placed on belly with a belt.  Whilst the results were being recorded, the midwife would check them every spare moment they had.  Strangely they would also ask if I was experiencing any pain.  In response to this, which I found weird was no.  It turns out an hour or two later, the EFM was picking up contractions.  The results were inconclusive.  The midwives and doctors could not determine why I was bleeding, let alone having contractions that I could not feel.  Due to this, I was immediately sent to the delivery ward.  This started to feel surreal.  Martin was sent home to pick up the pregnancy notes and pack the hospital bag.


The dreaded hospital gown and the green compression stockings appeared to my disgust.  After putting these on it was explained that I could be having Lentil prematurely and that I needed to be observed further.  They needed to do all the precautions in case he wanted to see Martin and I early.  Two steroid injections were required – not by the arm but on the bum cheek.  They are painful, worse than blood tests! My bum cheeks were uncomfortable! As I was not full term in the pregnancy, the steroids were to help his lungs mature. (He’s going to be a superhero).  A intravenous was placed on my left hand ready if bump wanted to make his way through to our world.  That just became uncomfortable – the amount of times I accidentally rubbed it against something! My sanitary pads were constantly checked as well.  Waiting to see what would occur next, I rested.  When at night, hearing a lady use her tonsils to the best of her ability was scary but yet thrilling. I was treated very well – midwives and specialists explained everything.  Anesthetist and pediatrics visited to explain procedures and answer any questions I had.  After a day, the bleeding reduced but the contractions were still detectable.  They decided to move me to the maternity ward as the lack of bleeding reduced the probability of labour.  We were in the hospital for 4 days but unfortunately no-one could advise why the bleeding occurred.  Bump was healthy – however I was slightly disappointed as was looking forward to seeing him early.



Do It Yourself Bump Shoot

Here’s our DIY Bump Shoot a few weeks ago.

The use of a selfie stick, selfies, ourselves, a timer and some friends made this a fun photoshoot. We were lucky it was a beautiful day at Polesdon Lacey. What made me laugh was Martin was adamant he would not do lovey dovey kiss photos. Oh well. I can’t wait to put some of these on our wall!


welcome to the womb

Window to the Womb 3D Scan

welcome to the womb

It’s very rare to see a new born that is immediately cute (Of course this is not including your own little bundle of joy).  After travelling down the birth canal, and being squashed through parts of the pelvis, can you blame them?   Using forceps or ventouse for an assisted delivery can contribute to the head shape deformity momentarily.   Not forgetting that babies have been surrounded by amniotic fluid for the last nine months.  Imagine yourself being in a pool just for a few hours – you’ll come up wrinkly similar to an oldie.   

In spite of this, I still had the curiosity to see what Bump Lentil could look like with a 3D scan.  With this piece of technology it was also a reassurance that he was OK.  For those that have low risk pregnancies normally only 2 ultrasounds are given. So clicking away on Groupon app, I opted for the Window to the Womb – VIB baby scan package.  This included 39% discount of the original price of £130.00.  The package derived of 10 minute scan with well-being check, size 6”x4” prints, two 8”x6” prints, two keyrings, USB of all images and scan capturing the baby’s movement.

Window to the Womb  staff were very approachable and friendly.  After all it is a special moment within pregnancy.  All the sonographers are trained and qualified and do their up most to try and get the best pose of your baby.  This is anything from taking a walk, pressing slightly on belly, massaging the belly, having sugar snacks/cold drinks and doing a little jiggle.  Bump Lentil did not want to play ball, and instead liked hiding his face.  To keep him amused in my belly he constantly played with my umbilical cord – no wonder I get random pains!  Showing off, he would then brush his feet against his face.  I’m very impressed he knows how to entertain himself.  This really opened my eyes to what was growing inside me and absolutely loved it! Martin could also see all of this too!  We weren’t ascertain about the pictures taken so we were offered another chance to visit free of charge.  The second time round he was being even cheekier and not even divulging a glimpse or any section of his face, but wanted to show his balls!  We therefore selected photos from the original session and to be honest I loved them.  Now all that is left pondering my mind is will he look similar when he’s in this world.


Window to the Womb 3D Scan - Chubby Face

Chubby Face


Window To The Womb 3D Scan

Window To The Womb 3D Scan – Baby Lentil so cute

Window to the Womb 3D Scan - Little Hand

Little Hand

Window to the Womb 3D Scan - Footprint




A Baby Shower designed for me

The day arrived where the effort of my organisers Louella, Monica and Shireen worked together to comprise a fun filled beautiful baby shower.  They took control and everything was a surprise – something that is so hard for me to do as I am normally the organiser. Arriving at the venue with Martin, firstly I was bewildered that the place exists, The Trafalgar Arms pub   in Tooting. I remember it looking tacky and old – but now it was refurbished with a front garden and shelter.

Then as we walked in we were taken to Smith Bar, there was a table that had beautifully presented name tags and food orders.

Name tags for baby shower

Name tags for baby shower

As I got further inside, where the guests were waiting, I let loose some tears.  Oh no – the emotional pregnant me is coming out again!  As I made my way talking to all my friends and family – it just felt so overwhelming. I couldn’t believe that a lot of them came – some I haven’t seen for years and some that haven’t seen me or the bump.  Yet they mean the world to me! A small glimpse later, I notice a table of red velvet cupcakes – one of my favourite flavours and cute macaroons!  Next to them was a wishing jar and nappy cakes!  All the great detail was fantastic!

After everyone had arrived the Smith Bar had sliding doors that opened up to another room!  That was not suspected at all! As I walked through to the Sullivan Room I immediately see a laptop connected to the tv – where a slide show of photos and all the guests are presented.  I could not take my eye of them – some photos I have never seen, all with cringe worthy moments or happy times! Then underneath was a magnitude of gift bags!  Bugger that was a lot!  Then the tables were laid out scattered with cute confetti, a framed poem and Baby Bingo cards!  The walls had baby bunting and tissue paper balls.  Oh, how loved and adored everything!

We ate – and boy was the food good!

Full of laughter were these well-presented games.  However losers were penalised with a splat of Elvis urine!  Haha!

Baby Big cards – game players needed to hit a match of words on a line and 2 winners would receive a gift.

Guess tummy size – game players had some string to guess my belly size!  Offensive guesses and some complimenting guesses – lol!

Guess Tummy Size

Guess Tummy Size

Guess what is in the bag – game players picked had to guess what was in the bag and if they guessed correctly I would win the item!

Guess whats in the bag

Guess whats in the bag

Eat the rusks – The quickest player to eat 2 rusks wins!  This was too funny just seeing guests stuffing their face.

Eat the rusks

Eat the rusks

Drink the milk – Who could suck milk out of a bottle the quickest!  Wow – these ladies are good at sucking!

Drink the milk

Drink the milk

Guess the baby food – taste unnamed baby food! This was a eye opener – I didn’t like any of the flavours.

Guess the baby food

Guess the baby food

Put the nappy on – Wrap tissue around as many guests as you can.

Build the nappy cake – quickest team to build a nappy cake!

Build the nappy cake

Build the nappy cake

Overall, I cannot thank the organisers so much for this amazing baby shower and all the guests who really participated in everything thrown at them.  It was moments of happy tears, and the best moments with people I loved. Thank you to all of my dearest!




my little home box

My Little Home Box – My Little Box

The February box has arrived early than usual. I was expecting the theme to be based on amour due to Valentines Day, however surprisingly it was based on home. Quite rightly suits what I have been doing lately, as I have been nesting the last month or so.

Kanako this time rounds sticks to a cool colouring system, of greys, blues and peach. The box itself has one of her typical drawings, with a female relaxing on a chair reading a magazine. The magazine publishes about interior design, top deco pics, deco e-shop made, and a diy hanging plant holder.

my little home box

Digging into the box like a little child, I find a sky blue A5 picture frame, with Kanako’s artwork. Totally chuffed about this as it would suit the nursery Martin and I are decorating.

my little home box

Accompanying the home theme is a reversible cushion cover, which I was so excited about. I attempted to put a cushion filling in but, the cover was a little too small. I’m sure I will post a picture later once I got the right size, where it will sit nicely in the nursery room.

my little home box

The little bag has repetitive prints of lipstick. I always end up using these bags for sorting out toiletries or carrying money. They always come to good use! Inside them contains 3 beauty products which I am introduced to. The noxidoxi mask & peel scrub – can’t wait to use this just to feel refreshed and pretty once I get some me time! My Little Beauty features Easy Morning, a skin perfecting cream, a moisturiser that nourishes, brightens and evens out complexions. Inspired by the countryside is a shea butter body cream, Mitchell and Peach’s English Leaf. Smells divine!

my little home box

Happy with this box again, as I know I’ll use everything in the box!

For more information visit My Little Box website

Surviving the Symptoms 2

I wonder why pregnant woman don’t talk about the further annoying pregnancy signs that occur.  Why do most pretend its an amazing 9 months?!


Hearing my loud expulsion bursts flies my body forward hurting my back.  The only thing I can do here or advise you is have some soft tissues nearby.  It’s uncontrollable and have no idea when it wants to play with me.

Belly Button

We obviously know the belly expands, but so does my belly button.  I fear it will protrude into an outie.  It looks like an ever growing crater from a volcano or as Martin likes to say a cat’s bottom.  Tell me if there anything that can be done here?



Telling someone I’m pregnant, being heated in an argumentative moment, getting frustrated over not being able to do things, silly moments in movies, and absolutely nothing has all made me cry! Just be weary, anything can make me tip over!


Yep, this has visited as if it was a room a mate.  Precipitously, there are moments when I need to drop what I was doing and sit in the loo for ages. Damn, it’s been a lot of frequent stools, however water does disperse it.

Sneezing during pregnancy