Dedication to my Dad

I was not the perfect daughter.
No matter how difficult I was in turn you loved me.
We would argue alot. Through this I learnt how to defend for myself and loved ones.
We would not listen but I became agood support provider for others.
We were both stubborn and sorry was a word that did not exist in our vocabulary.
This allowed me to have my opinion and stick with it no matter what.
These qualities you brought out in me and I cannot thank you enough.

You had a passion for anything gadgets which I followed along with both of us competing against each other.
You had a love for food and coffee do I. If I wasn’t naturally slim I would have a belly like yours with the amount I eat.
Actin movies was your interest and so is mine which was well emphasised on all your surround sound and TVS.
Family and friends gatherings was where you really shined through and excelled in being you.

I’m sorry I didn’t always see the wonderful side of you. I’m sorry I may not have been there when you needed me. I’m sorry you had all those scars to show what you went through at hospitals.  I’m so sorry I was difficult at times.

Yet you fought to enjoy life’s wondrous gifts. You enjoyed being happy even if something was naughty or bad for your health. Many people love you from around the world as they see your funny side and wondrous charm.

In time you let loose your strictness and traditions to be modernised.  In time you let go of always watching and allowed me to grow.  In time I loved you more and more each day.

I miss your affections, I miss our dad daughter moments, I miss mum and I picking on you. I miss your dad jokes. I miss you buying me McDonald’s/KFC and Chinese takeaway. I miss our arguments. I miss you watching out for me.

I miss you loving me. I love you always.





My little bubble box

My Little Bubble Box – My Little Box

This box arrived in March (Yes, I’m totally delayed in writing about this!  Sorry!)  I was greeted with an 80’s throwback theme colour scheme of blue and pink with a female skater.  This made me eager to rummage through the goodies as skating was a great hobby of mine when I was young and who didn’t like the 80’s!

My little bubble box

I was initially deflated with ‘Be Wild’ balloon attached to a piece of card.  This could have been improved with receiving a pack of balloons or replace it with an alternative item.  However to turn this around, I’m sure I can use this opportunity for a fun photo prop later in the year.

My favourite item was Bulle De Teint – Beauty Bubble.  The sponge has become a regular used must have in my make-up routine. Normally where more than 1 brush is required for foundation, the different shape areas of the sponge can be used.  On top of this, when reading the magazine it can also be used on lips and cheeks, eyes and nails!  Very handy!

Quickly I shoved the soft cushion paddle brush into my hospital bag as the one I currently have is humongous.  Can you tell I adore all things small so it’s easy to carry and pack!?  (Leaving more room to carry more items on the go).

My little bubble box


Accompanied with the box was a Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara.  Pocket size pen with a fine tip and perfect for my purse.  The body case itself had a bit of thought too and partners well with the haute couture – high end fashion.

Similar to Benefit’s Tint, My Little Beauty had their version of lip and cheek tint.  Personally I wasn’t fond of the bright bubble-gum shade of pink as it’s not suited to my complexion.  For those that don’t mind the shade – 2 in 1 is always handy!ique

The last item which is still remained unopen is the facial peel Garancia Pschitt Magique, I think!  There was nothing in English and is all in French L  Until I can get my lovely translator to convert what it says I can’t say much about it.

My little bubble box

It’s not my preferred themed box but it’s not disappointing.   The main thing here is I’m using most of the items – and straight away!