Lumiere London

It is Lumiere London – exhibits of lights only for a limited time, 14th to 17th January 2016 from 6:30pm to 10:30pm, appearing in landmarks across London, which would lead to date night, walk-hunt for Martin and I  in the evening.  Forget the normal lights and adverts in Piccadilly Circus – the show stopping displays took the attention here, transforming the city.   It was a mesmerising evening except the bitter coldness and Bump Lentil constantly moving around my tum, making the walk unbearable.  Gloves, scarves, hats and a warm jacket is a priority if you are going to visit tonight or tomorrow.

My favourite spectacles were Les Lumineoles and 195 Piccadilly, both escorted with eventful, magical music.  With no transport on this main road came freedom, like it was New Year’s Eve, wondering the streets.

Personally, I feel overall that this should last longer for more to appreciate, and that we should adopt this type of art across London permanently as it adds a romanticised, illuminating momentum.  I just wish I had the energy to see them all.

For more information click here, that explains all the installations.

Which ones did you see?

Secret Cinema Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

IMG_3825 (2)

Saturday 12th September 2015 – Secret Cinema Day!  I have been anticipating the pleasure of this arrival – dress up in costume and have my eyes glued to the big screen to watch The Empire Strikes Back.  I attended the Back to the Future in 2014, so knew what to expect – the scenes acted out in front of you exactly as the film, whilst you pretend you are a member of the public within the film, and the props being a like for like of the movie, with loads of food and drink options.  Not to forget the grand finale – movie at the end on a big screen, with even more scenes replicated.

For those that have never had the luxury of going to any of Secret Cinema events, you are sent an email of the location a few days before. With this, is your ID as well – Martin and I are now a Galactic Explorers. Do not make the mistake of not making the effort with your costume.  You will regret it, when you see everyone attend.

You are taken to the world of Star Wars starship port, the marketplace, cantinas and so much more. The attention to detail and the planning that went behind this (Well done Secret Cinema planners!) would be highly treasured by the leading fans.  I recall secret missions; the more you collected or bartered for stones, seeds, etc, the better. The only disappointed part was that I was separated from our friend group and didn’t get to watch Star Wars together.  It’s compulsory for phones to be hidden in sealed bags.  Interact with the actresses/actors, immerse yourself as your character and you will receive have a far richer experience.

Did you love it?

Would you go to 2016 Secret Cinema?

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