baptising Joshua

Baptising Joshua

baptising Joshua


The Catholic Church recommends babies to be baptised within a few weeks of birth.  It’s also pushed within the Filipino community.   However, due to the circumstances of the first few months after Joshua’s birth it was not something I could comprehend, especially as Martin and I are both not practicing any faith.  I have complete respect for those that follow any religious faith and have sincerest admiration for those that practice their beliefs.  However, there has been so many opposition questions that I have faced, wondered myself and certain aspects within my life that makes me choose not be a practicing Catholic. Does this make me a hypocrite? Probably so?  Nevertheless, being brought up with Catholicism has provided the great values within me that I would want to bestow onto Joshua.  It is not so much about the belief of a God, sacraments and rituals but providing the love to show upon another, to be kind to a neighbour, to have morals and be strong willed.   I would love Joshua to be mindful of all religions and respect their ideology.  With that in mind, we as parents prepare Joshua for his welcome into the Christian community.  It is not just us as parents that Joshua will follow and learn from, but his extended family, his friends, colleagues and his Godparents.  Where I’m trying to go with this is, with an excuse for a party as well, this baptism brings both Martins and I important people in our lives together, family and friends.  Unfortunately, this is not an often occurrence.  This means the world to me, that we can have everyone we dearly love together sharing the joy of our son.

baptising joshua

Thank you to mum, who has contributed to this celebration, to our family far and local who attended and our dearest friends. Thank you for the hard work,  Eclektik Design – your decorations were amazing! Lola Catering for delicious food.  Mimi’s Munchkins for the balloon modelling, Aira for the photographs  and Old Rut Rugby Club for the venue and St Josephs Church for the baptising of Joshua.

personalise a rose

Personalize a rose this Christmas

personalise a rose

Send your words on a rose, this Christmas.  Show someone you care and are thinking of them with these personalised flowers.


What better way to show your affection towards a loved one, with a message on a real rose, or a silk version that will last a lifetime by Personalised Flowers. Send your words on a rose, this Christmas to a loved one.  Show someone you care a with these Personalised Flowers.

What better way to show your affection towards a loved one with a message on a real rose, or a silk version that will last a lifetime, by Personalised Flowers.

I recently got engaged (WOOOP WOOOOP!), and wanted to ask my mum to walk with me down the aisle.  The rose is a great way to share how much I want my mum with me at this momentous occasion.  The rose delivered in a small box to fit through your letter box is beautiful.  Wrapped with cellophane, ribbon and Personalised Flowers logo sticker, there appeared the print ‘ Mum, I love you so much.  Always, your Laila’.  I randomly presented the rose in a gift bag to my mum.  To her bewildered amusement she opened the gift and really adored the rose.  She plans to display in on the shelf  in her living room.  YAY!

personalise a rose

Personalised Flowers owner Philip, has a love for travel.  Whilst exploring the United Stated, he came across the Personalised Flowers and wanted to bring this to the UK.  The rose comes in various colours, with the option of a free card.  Personalised gifts are always great to receive, especially combined with the elegance of a rose.

Bring a smile, present your love, whisper your passion, with these stunning roses at only £8.99 or the silk variation at £9.99.

personalise a rose




Dad, You are loved. You are missed. You are remembered.

It is overwhelming to see you all today to celebrate the life of my dad, Marcelino Samson.  We are all here today, proud to call him dad, husband, uncle, lolo, friend and colleague.  He gave us countless memories of which I would like to share a few with you, and hopefully these can bring a smile to your face and remain in your hearts.

The first time I met my dad I was 2 years old and we were at the airport waiting for him to arrive from the Philippines.  For someone I didn’t know, we immediately clicked and I ran towards him to give him a big hug.  That was the start of us.

He could at times be a very strict dad.  No boyfriends were permitted in the house and curfews were always set.  I know now that he only wanted the best for me and for me to have all the opportunities in the world.  As we both grew older he slowly learnt to relax and trust in me.  He saw me grow up from being his little girl to the woman and mother I am now, which must have been hard for him.

He would insist on helping me even if I didn’t need it.  When there were serious moments he would like to lighten them up with a joke.  For example, I had a severe car crash a while ago, where the car landed upside down.  When he heard, instead of checking how I was doing, he asked ‘Where is my Tom Tom?’ He always knew how to make people laugh.

To his family, he would do anything for them.  And in turn they would do everything for him.  In Philippines he was the favourite brother and uncle.  He rarely lifted a finger, s much so that he was shocked at how he had to adapt to the way of life in London and do chores.  Almost every year, he would visit his brothers, sister, nieces, and nephews in the Philippines.  If any were to visit London he would always welcome them with open arms, somewhere to stay and most importantly provide food.

To his friends and colleagues, he was a generous person.  It was always a joyous occasion when he was with you.  He loved to spend as much time joking and socialising with you.  He was someone you could trust and rely on.  He was someone you could trust and rely on.  He was a friend to so many people.

Dad was an enthusiast for all things gadgets and technology.  The latest technology could always be found around our house.  Examples include, just to say a few, the latest computer, video camera, digital camera, pager, cd player, cassette player, mini disc player, mp3 player, navigation kit, speakers, surround sound system and karaoke machine.  The list goes on, as if you were shopping in Dixons.  Most recently he even bought a 50″ curved TV which was way too big for the living room.  He was very proud of it.  Quite fittingly, our home is now filled with Samsung items.  His thirst for technology is something I loved as I quickly followed suit.



My cousins can agree that he loved technology so much that he even built his own hi fi system.  He would use the items from a car and work his magic on it.  I recently found out he studied automobiles as one of his school subjects, which now explains the love if his cars and how he liked to diagnose motor problems.

I remember our daily car journeys together when I was little.  The routine would be a 5am waking up, make Dad a cup of coffee and then take mum to work.  In the evening it would be a 9pm pick up.  I always admired how he never complained that it was too early.  He would happily drive along listening to Heart FM or Celine Dion.

So moving on from one of his great loves, to another great love..rice!  If you now my dad well, you know that he loved rice.  Just the other day we were cleaning his car and typically found grains of rice in the boot.  For all UK long distance trips, rice always had to be packed.  I was guaranteed to be on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Any restaurants we went to had to serve rice, otherwise he didn’t want to eat there.

Ironically he only learnt to cook rice when he arrived in the UK.  When I was young, as he was learning to cook, he often burnt the food.  Strangely though he enjoyed it.  To him, burnt food was crispy and still tasty.  He always said no matter how bad the food would be for his health, he would want to enjoy it fully.  He would rather die happy than deprived of food.

I loved his positive outlook to life.  Throughout the numerous operations and treatments he had to endure, he always remained positive.  There was never a moan about how hard things was.  He got on and continued with living.  I know he loved every bit of his life.



Finally to Mum, he had oceans of love and affection for you that just radiated out of him.  He wasn’t shy to show you off to anyone and was always proud of having you next to him.  I would love to have the same loyalty, honesty and strength that you have for each other as it is so amazing to see, especially as you are still going strong after 32 years.

To Dad, everyone has love for you in their hearts.  Your attributes have bought a lifetime of memories, that none of us will ever forget.  Be with God, watch over us and rest in perfect peace till we see you again.  I love you.

Thank you to Frederick W Paine Funeral Directors, St Joseph Catholic Church Colliers Wood, Lambeth Crematorium and The Trafalgar Arms.

To our friends who gave their condolences, thank you so much, as it means so much to us.

To our family who have supported mum and I through this.  You are truly loved.


We love you


Marcelino Samson balloon release

Dedication to my Dad

I was not the perfect daughter.
No matter how difficult I was in turn you loved me.
We would argue alot. Through this I learnt how to defend for myself and loved ones.
We would not listen but I became agood support provider for others.
We were both stubborn and sorry was a word that did not exist in our vocabulary.
This allowed me to have my opinion and stick with it no matter what.
These qualities you brought out in me and I cannot thank you enough.

You had a passion for anything gadgets which I followed along with both of us competing against each other.
You had a love for food and coffee do I. If I wasn’t naturally slim I would have a belly like yours with the amount I eat.
Actin movies was your interest and so is mine which was well emphasised on all your surround sound and TVS.
Family and friends gatherings was where you really shined through and excelled in being you.

I’m sorry I didn’t always see the wonderful side of you. I’m sorry I may not have been there when you needed me. I’m sorry you had all those scars to show what you went through at hospitals.  I’m so sorry I was difficult at times.

Yet you fought to enjoy life’s wondrous gifts. You enjoyed being happy even if something was naughty or bad for your health. Many people love you from around the world as they see your funny side and wondrous charm.

In time you let loose your strictness and traditions to be modernised.  In time you let go of always watching and allowed me to grow.  In time I loved you more and more each day.

I miss your affections, I miss our dad daughter moments, I miss mum and I picking on you. I miss your dad jokes. I miss you buying me McDonald’s/KFC and Chinese takeaway. I miss our arguments. I miss you watching out for me.

I miss you loving me. I love you always.





Happy Daddy Day

With emotional rollercoasting crying over anything, Martin handled it by sympathising or ignoring it (haha but it worked). He would be cornered to the side of the bed as the pregnancy pillow took over. He had to deal with all my dribble on his clothes as I fell asleep anywhere when I was too tired. He would relunctantly (maybe they smelled?) tie my trainers laces or put my shoes on as I couldn’t bend down easily for every outing. Even putting the pregnancy belt round me or helping me squeeze into clothing that I refused to be too small for me. Loving me and my bump whilst it grew to a melon size. Teasing me as I walked like a penguin at the pace of a snail. Forced to carry anything heavy from my bag or taking the bin outside . Dealing with my tantrums when I felt inadequate about anything. Cooking mountains of dishes as I was a pig (and still am). Chauffeured where ever I needed to as I couldn’t drive well. Reading and talking to Bump lentil everyday. Forced to give me back rubs and stroke my skin as everything hurts. Being my 999 support aid 24/7 when I needed him.

Tackling those moments from the moment Joshua was pushing to get out into this world. Martin had sleepless nights like any new dad. (He seems to now sleep through easily – lucky him!!) He would be the target of Joshua’s urine fountain (Always puts a smile to my face when this happens). I would save the mahoosive yellow poo nappies for him (Ahahahaha) . Martin knows how to calm Joshua till he falls asleep with him for a nap. Horse games and sing alongs to entertain Joshua throughout the week. Carrier and pramming anywhere. Funny noises or great stories shared to Joshua. Even calming and reassuring  Joshua whilst he manically  craves for food (like his mummy). All of this whilst working, cleaning and meeting my demands (which is never ending), along with my bitchiness.

He’s been the best partner to me and an amazing dad to Joshua.





The Second Month


Attending a christening.  Note to oneself that hours preparation on everything is required. Makeup and hair is not 5mins anymore.


It’s mummy and son time finally! In between the feedings, crying, nappy changing, and cleaning I manage to fit our time. Love it when he looks at me. Next mission: Just need to start learning nursery rhymes o singing lessons. I’m so rubbish and hate hearing my own voice attempting to sing.


The bonding of Cousin Elvis and JJ begins. Oh gosh, they will both be troublesome together when they grow up. Looking forward to it.


The “Really, do I have to go?” look. Really, that starts already???


I’m trying to encourage tummy time but instead JJ wants to feed on the pillow.


“Mummy, you are going to dress me with this top and pants? I am shocked!” Those days when the child doesn’t like what you pick to wear will be here soon I’m sure.


Batman and leg warmers. I just love it!


“Mummy as I have jaundice I am going to soak up this sun. Leave me in peace whilst I relax and top up my tan.”


Meeting girlfriend to be Phoebe and future mummy in law Claire. Coffee, mummies and more babies time is much needed.


Auntie Jey and Uncle Jel meet JJ for the first time.


JJ hanging out with Daddy, Alex and Bradley


Quality time with Mummy and Daddy in Hampton Court. We need more and more. Love these moments!


“I just want to sleep. I’m fed up of meeting people.”. Rachael meeting JJ.


“Just gazing at the ceiling”


“Please mummy. No more tummy time!


After tummy time, JJ is knocked out and cosy with Daddy.


“I’m so tired of being kissed by people” Claire meeting JJ.


Daddy and son time. Yay!


Meeting Auntie Chona


“Seriously, meeting more people? Too many people!” Meeting Auntie Janez


JJ met alot of ladies, Baby Centre Group and their adorable little daughters earlier today and now is overwhelmed and exhausted!


Just about to go into milk coma!


JJ pee/fart/poo face! I use to think this was feed me face but was so wrong!


“Love Yoda. Just not the hat”


Meeting my God brother Nico. Whoop Whoop.


Meeting Ninang Bernedette and Ninong Paul


“I’m Superman!”


Brushing my teeth with JJ in carrier. Enough said


Meeting Auntie Louizza at night time


Missing Daddy.



Practicing head up and sitting down. Just toooooo cute!


Theo meeting JJ. He said he’s not good with babies but look at them!


Kate is a natural looking after kids


Letting a fart rip!


Milk coma again. Lol ust sleeping over me.


For the Mummy To Be

For the Mummy to Be and all Mummies;

Who have yearned for her own family,

Repeatedly tried for a baby,

Bared a lost through pregnancy

Stands alone during the 9 months

Tasted the morning sickness

Cashed out on expandable clothes

Struggled with their wrists

Unmoveable and stiff pelvis

Aching backs

Big and sensitive breasts

Momentarily loses her sense

Uses panty liners consistently

Or even has bladder incontinence

Big feet syndrome

Bruised internally due to being a punching bag

Moves at a snail’s pace

Wobbling down the road

Emotionally retarded

Not oneself

Gulping for air

Night slowly disappearing as the day becomes one

Branches of veins growing

Or skin being pulled in all directions

Scheduled doctor’s appointments

Needles penetrating the skin

Routine vitamins

Crazy healthy eating

Squeezing into spaces that just doesn’t work

Instructing people to move out the way

Dreaded panicky incidents

Uncomfortable hospital beds

Magnitude of contractions

Waters breaking

Fears accumulating

Giving birth to new life


There may be hardship to get to the next stage of mummyhood but trying the upmost is all that matters. No need to follow others, just do what you feel is right. What waits down the line is a new world but a unique and amazing one. For those experiencing the magical moments with their little ones, I have so much respect for you!

All of above is worth it whether you experience a few or all. Here’ the first month of my little man.














A Baby Shower designed for me

The day arrived where the effort of my organisers Louella, Monica and Shireen worked together to comprise a fun filled beautiful baby shower.  They took control and everything was a surprise – something that is so hard for me to do as I am normally the organiser. Arriving at the venue with Martin, firstly I was bewildered that the place exists, The Trafalgar Arms pub   in Tooting. I remember it looking tacky and old – but now it was refurbished with a front garden and shelter.

Then as we walked in we were taken to Smith Bar, there was a table that had beautifully presented name tags and food orders.

Name tags for baby shower

Name tags for baby shower

As I got further inside, where the guests were waiting, I let loose some tears.  Oh no – the emotional pregnant me is coming out again!  As I made my way talking to all my friends and family – it just felt so overwhelming. I couldn’t believe that a lot of them came – some I haven’t seen for years and some that haven’t seen me or the bump.  Yet they mean the world to me! A small glimpse later, I notice a table of red velvet cupcakes – one of my favourite flavours and cute macaroons!  Next to them was a wishing jar and nappy cakes!  All the great detail was fantastic!

After everyone had arrived the Smith Bar had sliding doors that opened up to another room!  That was not suspected at all! As I walked through to the Sullivan Room I immediately see a laptop connected to the tv – where a slide show of photos and all the guests are presented.  I could not take my eye of them – some photos I have never seen, all with cringe worthy moments or happy times! Then underneath was a magnitude of gift bags!  Bugger that was a lot!  Then the tables were laid out scattered with cute confetti, a framed poem and Baby Bingo cards!  The walls had baby bunting and tissue paper balls.  Oh, how loved and adored everything!

We ate – and boy was the food good!

Full of laughter were these well-presented games.  However losers were penalised with a splat of Elvis urine!  Haha!

Baby Big cards – game players needed to hit a match of words on a line and 2 winners would receive a gift.

Guess tummy size – game players had some string to guess my belly size!  Offensive guesses and some complimenting guesses – lol!

Guess Tummy Size

Guess Tummy Size

Guess what is in the bag – game players picked had to guess what was in the bag and if they guessed correctly I would win the item!

Guess whats in the bag

Guess whats in the bag

Eat the rusks – The quickest player to eat 2 rusks wins!  This was too funny just seeing guests stuffing their face.

Eat the rusks

Eat the rusks

Drink the milk – Who could suck milk out of a bottle the quickest!  Wow – these ladies are good at sucking!

Drink the milk

Drink the milk

Guess the baby food – taste unnamed baby food! This was a eye opener – I didn’t like any of the flavours.

Guess the baby food

Guess the baby food

Put the nappy on – Wrap tissue around as many guests as you can.

Build the nappy cake – quickest team to build a nappy cake!

Build the nappy cake

Build the nappy cake

Overall, I cannot thank the organisers so much for this amazing baby shower and all the guests who really participated in everything thrown at them.  It was moments of happy tears, and the best moments with people I loved. Thank you to all of my dearest!