ewan the dream sheep

Ewan The Dream Sheep Review – Sleep Aid for Babies

Do you have sleepless nights with your baby?  Are you struggling to get your baby to nap?


I have been through many many nights of being barely awake, stumbling out of bed and zombie walking to Joshua’s cot. The nights were consumed with constant nursing, of which over half of the time was just suckling! And oh my gosh, dare I take him away from the comfort feeding, Joshua would cry out with deafening screams.  I would barely see my own bed. I yearned to lye down in the comfort of my duvet. I started to dred nursing – it felt like all day – and really the only thing I mainly did! I didn’t question the nursing as I felt at the time he needed it. When I managed to eventually lye him in his own cot sleeping, he inevitably woke up a few minutes later and every hour thereafter. Nursing greatly helped him to sleep, but not enough to move him into his cot. – ahhhhhh! Rocking him got so tiring which led to each time lasting longer. Singing didn’t help, as I can never remember any nursery songs or lullabies. It got absurd, where my days were a complete mess. The amount of times I had to rest or stop whilst driving in the day because I was too tired. Words and thoughts would get jumbled and I really wasn’t functioning very well.

My head was screeching for a change, and so I looked into a sleep consultant. An amazing decision of which I will tell you more on another post but one of the recommendations was to utilise the Baby Shusher app. This provides a shushing sound at an adjustable volume for a desired time. The big annoyance of this was that my phone disappeared as it had to be close by to Joshua. Having reviewed Ewan the Dream Sheep (which can be found below) I wish I had him from the beginning or when we started the sleep training. I recall Joshua calming down when the sound of rain was played, but like the Baby Shusher app, my phone had to be in the presence of Joshua, which just meant I couldn’t do anything else with my phone. So what I love about Ewan the dream sheep, is that it’s a cuddly toy and therefore my phone doesn’t need to be accessed at all!  Hurrah.

ewan the dream sheep close up

There are 4 different pink noise sounds that Ewan the dream sheep emits, the vacuum cleaner, rain, harp and womb all with a heartbeat which really works some sort of magic to settle babies, along with his tummy glowing. Pink noise masks out high pitched frequencies that can be stress inducing to babies. It can be great for drowning out certain noises. Joshua would have heard my heartbeat all through my pregnancy, so these sounds would be familiar and natural, calming him down. These 4 sounds are actual recordings rather than computer generated. By clicking on any legs, the sound is played and lasts 20 minutes when in normal mode. By clicking the leg again it will automatically stop, or depending on which leg, another song is played. When babies are newborn, its highly recommended not placing cuddly toys in the cot due to risk of suffocation. The velcro easily positions Ewan the dream sheep high up on the cot bar, out of reach. You can also place him on the pram. As mentioned on the video, it doesn’t help Joshua to go to sleep immediately but it does soothe him, and therefore he falls asleep on his own, or it relax’s him when he is having his tantrum moments. I think this is due to him being nearly 1 years old. However I don’t see that as a downfall, rather a prop to help him when needed. What baby doesn’t like a cuddly toy anyway? The only small gripe I have is that you can’t put Ewan the dream sheep in the washing machine so i will have to surface clean only. At £29.99 I would have bought this when Joshua was born. There are also other similar soft toys, but they don’t have the light function or use pink noise. However if you are looking for something cheaper, there are of course white noise apps under £5.00

Ewan the Dream Sheep

Please check out my video below.