Surviving the Symptoms 2

I wonder why pregnant woman don’t talk about the further annoying pregnancy signs that occur.  Why do most pretend its an amazing 9 months?!


Hearing my loud expulsion bursts flies my body forward hurting my back.  The only thing I can do here or advise you is have some soft tissues nearby.  It’s uncontrollable and have no idea when it wants to play with me.

Belly Button

We obviously know the belly expands, but so does my belly button.  I fear it will protrude into an outie.  It looks like an ever growing crater from a volcano or as Martin likes to say a cat’s bottom.  Tell me if there anything that can be done here?



Telling someone I’m pregnant, being heated in an argumentative moment, getting frustrated over not being able to do things, silly moments in movies, and absolutely nothing has all made me cry! Just be weary, anything can make me tip over!


Yep, this has visited as if it was a room a mate.  Precipitously, there are moments when I need to drop what I was doing and sit in the loo for ages. Damn, it’s been a lot of frequent stools, however water does disperse it.

Sneezing during pregnancy

Surviving the Symptoms Part 1

After reading a lot of help guides online, most conclude that the 1st trimester is full of symptoms, 2nd trimester is free of these and the 3rd trimester is just uncomfortable.  What a load of bullocks.  Everyone is interestingly different and so will either have a mixture of them along with uncommon ones.  Not forgetting that we handle them oh so inversely. There is always something!


The reflex of your muscles leading you astray to heave – Just let it all out. Your body will feel so good once it’s vanished from inside.  This lasted to end of my 5th month in pregnancy.  It has annoyingly returned with a vengeance (if it could smile it would) in my 7th month of pregnancy. There’s nothing in particular that soothed or lessened the feeling, but I just nibbled on ginger biscuits and soothers. Hopefully it did some good.

Hot Flush

When your body just can’t adjust to the heat that you are producing or cool down – lie down on the cold floor with just your bra and knickers.  I did this a few times in the toilet whilst at work.  Feeling like a kettle this was going to be the quickest way to reduce my warmth. Otherwise make sure you have layers of clothing that can be easily removed.  Somehow control the temperature of the room – if you are at work, take the lead and demand the temperature to be what is most suited for you.


Drink loads of water to reduce that brain pumping too hard against your head.  Gosh some of the headaches would not go away!

Sleepy time

I have never been a good sleeper but now just want to sleep all the time. If you have the chance to nap do it.  On the train journey, on your lunch break, when you get home, take that snooze.  It will only help you function more!

Runny nose

The amount of snot that dribbles down my nose is immense.  I did not realise how much liquid is possible to produce in day.  Keep loads of handkerchiefs/packet tissues and when blowing your nose, do one nostril at a time.

There’s more but will mention that another time….