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loveuk handmadeA gem I found online is the feed Love UK Handmade via Instagram that started a week ago. The concept is to support UK designers and small businesses by publishing their work, easily accessible to anyone.  Love UK Handmade started due to the dreams of an individual who understood the needs for businesses to have a presence in social media.  The collection of artists is handpicked of those that have products of high quality and uniqueness, some even being located in Harrods and

The fresh use of colour and cool designs are distinctive features of Love UK Handmade feeds, all with an artistic photo displaying the crafts.  The personal touch added to this page, is the themed days; such as Doodle Day and Friends Friday, an absolutely great method to select items for the day.

In the next 3 months I have a minimum of 10 birthday presents I need to consider, not forgetting the finishing touches of the nursery being designed for Bump Lentil due in April.  Oh, and the fact that I just want to spoil Bump Lentil. As Love UK Handmade rightly says “It’s a tease on the purse seeing all the things I see”.

So let’s create my shopping list excitedly:

  • I could not resist something for myself as our one is currently plain and boring.  The Jones Family personalised doormat, designed and engraved in Nottinghamshire by     @lasermadedesigns
@lasermadedesigns personalised door mat

@lasermadedesigns personalised door mat


  • This birthday chick dreams a lot, so a perfect little item for her.  The garnet gemstone bracelet threaded by hand and knotted onto natural burgundy coloured hemp string by @rosealeencarter
@rosaleencarter garnet gemstone

@rosaleencarter garnet gemstone

  • For the sexy lady who has style and a lot of earrings.  Earring lollipops to store those studs by @suzyqdesigns
@suzyqdesigns lollipops to store earrings

@suzyqdesigns lollipops to store earrings

  • Missy who needs more bags because she actually does not have a lot of choice. Clutch bag from upcycled deckchairs and bouncy castles by @wyattandjack
@wyattandjack clutch bag

@wyattandjack clutch bag

  • To use for bump photoshoot, when bump is out, and nursery.  Chalkboard Cloth Bunting by @millyandpip
@millyandpip monochrome bunting

@millyandpip monochrome bunting

  • T-shirt for Bump for a Friday.  If you’re happy and you know it Friday tee by @lennieandco
@lennieandco if you're happy tee

@lennieandco if you’re happy tee

Oh my – I could really go crazy and want more. The ease of finding gifts for the people I love was made easy with this page. I admire each item selected as each one is made with simplicity, love, fun and a story.  I feel that Love UK Handmade has a great idea to promote the creativeness of individuals and small businesses and we should all support it!

Help spread the word @loveukhandmade

Help spread the word @loveukhandmade

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20 Week Scan

The 7th December arrived, 3 days before my birthday and it’s our 3rd scan.  Just like the 12 week scan, my thoughts wander and over think everything. Have we done everything we can so far to provide a healthy baby?  Is all OK with Bump Lentil? Are they going to see a deformity ? My head feels like a roller coaster, as it’s just filling up with too many questions.  At the same time, I’ve drunken so much water, in aid for the images to be clear on the scan.  We weren’t taken to the same area in the maternity ward  but to the X-Ray department.  Nervously, I start seeing other mums to be with their pregnancy notes and bumps.  I just know some are as edgy as  me and others are quite content.

We are called in, and follow the normal procedure of lying on the bed, with jeans lowered and top up.  On the screen is our Bump Lentil, much bigger than last time.  The same anatomy is checked but the nurse can only check a few bits because bump was not in the right position.  We are advised to have a 10 minute walk so that bump can move around to get the other areas scanned and checked.  She announced to us all appears to be healthy and that Lil’ Lentil was very active.  I am immersed with the good news.  I ponder to the nurse if she can tell distinguish the sex.  Martin and I are revelled in the announcement that we are having a baby boy 🙂 What a wonderful birthday gift from Bump Lentil.

20 week scan pregnancy

20 week scan



Surviving the Symptoms 2

I wonder why pregnant woman don’t talk about the further annoying pregnancy signs that occur.  Why do most pretend its an amazing 9 months?!


Hearing my loud expulsion bursts flies my body forward hurting my back.  The only thing I can do here or advise you is have some soft tissues nearby.  It’s uncontrollable and have no idea when it wants to play with me.

Belly Button

We obviously know the belly expands, but so does my belly button.  I fear it will protrude into an outie.  It looks like an ever growing crater from a volcano or as Martin likes to say a cat’s bottom.  Tell me if there anything that can be done here?



Telling someone I’m pregnant, being heated in an argumentative moment, getting frustrated over not being able to do things, silly moments in movies, and absolutely nothing has all made me cry! Just be weary, anything can make me tip over!


Yep, this has visited as if it was a room a mate.  Precipitously, there are moments when I need to drop what I was doing and sit in the loo for ages. Damn, it’s been a lot of frequent stools, however water does disperse it.

Sneezing during pregnancy

Surviving the Symptoms Part 1

After reading a lot of help guides online, most conclude that the 1st trimester is full of symptoms, 2nd trimester is free of these and the 3rd trimester is just uncomfortable.  What a load of bullocks.  Everyone is interestingly different and so will either have a mixture of them along with uncommon ones.  Not forgetting that we handle them oh so inversely. There is always something!


The reflex of your muscles leading you astray to heave – Just let it all out. Your body will feel so good once it’s vanished from inside.  This lasted to end of my 5th month in pregnancy.  It has annoyingly returned with a vengeance (if it could smile it would) in my 7th month of pregnancy. There’s nothing in particular that soothed or lessened the feeling, but I just nibbled on ginger biscuits and soothers. Hopefully it did some good.

Hot Flush

When your body just can’t adjust to the heat that you are producing or cool down – lie down on the cold floor with just your bra and knickers.  I did this a few times in the toilet whilst at work.  Feeling like a kettle this was going to be the quickest way to reduce my warmth. Otherwise make sure you have layers of clothing that can be easily removed.  Somehow control the temperature of the room – if you are at work, take the lead and demand the temperature to be what is most suited for you.


Drink loads of water to reduce that brain pumping too hard against your head.  Gosh some of the headaches would not go away!

Sleepy time

I have never been a good sleeper but now just want to sleep all the time. If you have the chance to nap do it.  On the train journey, on your lunch break, when you get home, take that snooze.  It will only help you function more!

Runny nose

The amount of snot that dribbles down my nose is immense.  I did not realise how much liquid is possible to produce in day.  Keep loads of handkerchiefs/packet tissues and when blowing your nose, do one nostril at a time.

There’s more but will mention that another time….



Dreams during pregnancy

Dreams become intense and peculiar, well at least my ones, during pregnancy. My first dream was being in labour but rather than experiencing it the natural way, I felt something being squeezed out of my arse. What appears is an orange and while foil wrapper covering an egg shaped chocolate.  The chocolate was a solid state and when cracked, there appeared the yellow casing with a toy!  A Kinder egg! There were several of these Kinder eggs that I had to go through.  Just why oh why am I dreaming about laying Kinder eggs!

Another dream was a bundle of my family and friends together at a gathering.  Whilst chatting, Louella all of a sudden, as if someone else invaded her body said calmly “5 people to die”.  With shock, we halted.  Louella did not recall what she had said.  Across from the large room, others started dying or whilst other were in the core of screaming with excruciating pain.  We were being conquered by some sort of extra-terrestrial.  I knew a hide-out and carefully led those that were with me to an abandoned factory.  It was probably an assassin’s heaven – all types of weapons lined up, stacked, and organised.  I told everyone to pack what they could urgently of which they did.  Magically, comfortable clothes dressed us, so we could move easily.  I wasn’t sure where we were going but didn’t want anyone killed or taken.  As we are roaming the streets, we find that those who have turned still look human – they were being controlled, but could turn into murdering machines when evoked.  One of them grabbed hold of me, where my body felt it was absorbing some sort of energy.  I didn’t want to turn into them.  Whilst fighting, I shouted “Get out of me” which is what Martin said I screamed in my sleep!

So I believed this one to be real, to the point I was googling the news but couldn’t see anything once I woke up – Kim Jong-um of North Korea made peace with South Korea.

My brain decided to conjure another labour dream.  However this time as soon as my baby came out, he said the words “Hello Mama”.

Recently I don’t remember much, except that the common theme is I am yelling at someone I know, which wakes Martin up during his sleep.    It’s been a different person and reason but can never remember why.

I do wonder the next one will be! Can anyone tell me what they mean?

12 Week Scan

It’s arrived – the ultrasound of our Bump Lentil, 15th October 2015.  The nerves are quivering, and I’m so compelled to scream.  Will Bump Lentil be healthy?  Is Bump Lentil surrounded by a nutritional environment?  The amount of times I was questioning myself was as often as Doris from Finding Nemo forgets. Timidly, I wait for the picture to appear on the screen in the dark room.  Martin has a calm exterior about himself.  Why does he effortlessly look cool and not troubled?  He is always so positive and takes things easy, which is always reassuring.   I shudder when the sounds of the horses galloping appear again.  What a hell of a relief! Tears detonate all over my face.  Bump Lentil appears on the screen so visible than before, with a big head, cute legs sort of bended at the knee and non-stop active. This was worth the gallon of water drinking, and holding the urge to pee, whilst my stomach is being pressed to produce these images.

The anatomy is checked, that being the skull, brain, arms, legs, heart, bowel, stomach, etc along with any indication of Down’s syndrome.  We were given the all clear which was so soothing to hear from the lovely doctor.  By the way, she was so friendly and gave us more than the maximum of photos allowed.

It does not matter that I am not showing Bump Lentil yet. I have proof that I am pregnant, that I am carrying life within me.  That all the pregnancy symptoms I am facing, is not for a nonentity.  This will always be a milestone.


A lovely card given by Monica, Jimvee and Elvis.

Lumiere London

It is Lumiere London – exhibits of lights only for a limited time, 14th to 17th January 2016 from 6:30pm to 10:30pm, appearing in landmarks across London, which would lead to date night, walk-hunt for Martin and I  in the evening.  Forget the normal lights and adverts in Piccadilly Circus – the show stopping displays took the attention here, transforming the city.   It was a mesmerising evening except the bitter coldness and Bump Lentil constantly moving around my tum, making the walk unbearable.  Gloves, scarves, hats and a warm jacket is a priority if you are going to visit tonight or tomorrow.

My favourite spectacles were Les Lumineoles and 195 Piccadilly, both escorted with eventful, magical music.  With no transport on this main road came freedom, like it was New Year’s Eve, wondering the streets.

Personally, I feel overall that this should last longer for more to appreciate, and that we should adopt this type of art across London permanently as it adds a romanticised, illuminating momentum.  I just wish I had the energy to see them all.

For more information click here, that explains all the installations.

Which ones did you see?

Babymoon in Spain

I was lucky enough to get another holiday for 2015! Hate me even more but wait for this – we did not have to pay for accommodation! My Boss Kevin, crazily gave me a voucher that he had won!  So Martin and I packed our mini suitcase and headed to Spain in September.    I was slightly apprehensive about the holiday as I did not want another resemblance of Santorini familiarity.  I told myself just to let go!  It is pamper time, munch time, sun time, relax time,  explore time and quality time with Martin and Bump Lentil!  Babymoon here we come 😉

Hard to find, Hotel Spa La Romana, Spain was situated in the middle of nowhere. I think this was meant to be the selling point – peace and quiet, and spa treatments, in a secluded hidden area. The grounds surrounding the place had much more potential. The Spa building was gorgeous (and the spa treatments) but you could not enter at your own freedom, as the door was always locked.  The Wifi signal did not even stretch to our bedroom door. Every evening, the place had an eerie coldness about it – it felt deserted. It was beautiful but could be greatly improved, especially if there was more staff and customers.

This was not going to dampen my mood. We headed to the main part of Alicante by the beach and strolled taking the sunshine in. Another day, we had splashing fun in the waterpark, Aqualandia. It is not advisable to go on the waterslides when pregnant, and had to miss out (No!!!!!) but Martin enjoyed it for me 😉 Later we went to a cave that had a waterfall. I sobbed dramatically, like a baby – as I hate water going in my face without controlling it. Most of the time I soldier through – but this was too much power of a fake waterfall gushing in my face. Martin could not stop laughing at my nonsense scene. Overacting I was – but I can’t help how I feel! We then took it slow on the Amazon. I’m giggling right about now, as it was not a lazy river. Martin had to push/drag me whilst I was sitting in the ring, relaxing. That week we felt like we entered a new country, a new decade – the future, when we were in Valencia. Valencia is known for its City of Arts and Sciences, also known as the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, an architectural complex of white establishments. Here, we e
ntered the Pixar exhibit.  We got to see characters in the making, what they could have been, the early drawings, videos, and models. I wish they could bring this exhibit to London!

Overall I had a great babymoon and made the best of what could be.

Where did you go for your babymoon? How was it? Comment below.

Secret Cinema Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

IMG_3825 (2)

Saturday 12th September 2015 – Secret Cinema Day!  I have been anticipating the pleasure of this arrival – dress up in costume and have my eyes glued to the big screen to watch The Empire Strikes Back.  I attended the Back to the Future in 2014, so knew what to expect – the scenes acted out in front of you exactly as the film, whilst you pretend you are a member of the public within the film, and the props being a like for like of the movie, with loads of food and drink options.  Not to forget the grand finale – movie at the end on a big screen, with even more scenes replicated.

For those that have never had the luxury of going to any of Secret Cinema events, you are sent an email of the location a few days before. With this, is your ID as well – Martin and I are now a Galactic Explorers. Do not make the mistake of not making the effort with your costume.  You will regret it, when you see everyone attend.

You are taken to the world of Star Wars starship port, the marketplace, cantinas and so much more. The attention to detail and the planning that went behind this (Well done Secret Cinema planners!) would be highly treasured by the leading fans.  I recall secret missions; the more you collected or bartered for stones, seeds, etc, the better. The only disappointed part was that I was separated from our friend group and didn’t get to watch Star Wars together.  It’s compulsory for phones to be hidden in sealed bags.  Interact with the actresses/actors, immerse yourself as your character and you will receive have a far richer experience.

Did you love it?

Would you go to 2016 Secret Cinema?

Check out Secret Cinema past events here.

First GP Appointment and Midwife Booking

Do you recall the impatience I had when trying to wait for the booked GP appointment? I thought I could ask my book of questions?  Honestly, this was so that they could get the basics such as the last menstrual cycle date and figure the estimated due date, all of which could have been questioned over the phone.  Once this information was collected, she then was preparing the necessary paperwork to refer me to a midwife. She shrugged of my symptoms, as most are considered normal.  All of this is meant to be thoroughly detailed during the midwife booking that is to be arranged.  It felt like a waste of my time whilst I could be earning at work.  I walked away deflated as I thought I could have a long conversation and feel at ease but GP appointments try to make sessions only 10 minutes.  I was denied to ask about other non-pregnancy problems too of which I would have to book again.  However, the advantage was that I would receive an exemption certificate so that prescriptions and dental treatment would be free up until 1 year after giving birth.  Yay!

The midwife booking was at Epsom hospital within the maternity unit. The receptionist produced a colourful A3 plastic folder.  My eyes twinkled, as I love receiving items that I do not have to reluctantly get my purse out.  The outside cover had printed snippets of information from MAMA Academy. Inside was the very important green NHS pregnancy notes booklet.  This is a booklet that you must carry with you at all times in case of an emergency/accident.  I have found that non pregnant females are not familiar about this, so as a tip, just inform your loved ones, and your work place.  A glossy magazine was hidden in there also with many coupons to help throughout pregnancy.

Strangely whilst waiting, all the patients seemed further into their pregnancy by their bump size. By now, I was around 11 week’s gestation.  It slightly felt like I was in an exclusive club – with everyone having their green notes.  Yet most of them had their partners or at least a friend with them.  Waiting querulously to be seen too, and for Martin arrival, I filled out  the green notes.  When I was seen, the midwife, chirpy Heather, made me feel at ease.  It is a lot to take in for a first time pregnancy.  I would suggest to anyone to come prepared, know the family’s history and bring your questions.  There was a lot of information to absorb and unfortunately my head could not decipher everything in a short space of time.  Martin attended half way too, rather than not being punctual – grrr!  We went through the following:

  • Family illnesses from both families (This helps with selecting the correct maternity path)
  • What would happen throughout the course of pregnancy with regards to appointments
  • Blood tests/investigations (What they are for)
  • If I would like the baby to be tested for downs syndrome (Yes)
  • Pregnancy symptoms and solutions (I’ll put a post about the symptoms I have and am experiencing – hell!)
  • Any risks identified
  • Choices of childbird (Interested in the birth centre)
  • Do’s and don’t’s and what others think (Answered most of my questions)
  • Feeding baby (Thankfully it was just options and not how to do it as that’ll be later in parent craft courses)
  • Parentcraft course
  • Pelvic floor exercise (Do them or you will leak like crazy)

Afterwards I had to experience near to the same occurrence of blood tests like I did in Santorini – trouble finding my vein in both arms! Apparently I was dehydrated but rather than give me water, they just kept penetrating the needle everywhere.  I could not hack the movement of the needle being moved side to side, vigorously, once it had surpassed my skin. The next time I will end up biting the soul destroying nurse.  I needed to take a break and went into the waiting room with tears to Martin.  To the corner of my eye I saw a girlfriend reassure her boyfriend caressing his thigh that the injections would be fine.  He did drop in that he had a friend that was having trouble like me, where the injection had to be done in the feet! Crikey! After the nightmare of injections was complete a few weeks later I got the results and all was ok.  I am deemed low risk.  Phew!

I came across this blog and think it describes the 1st Midwife Booking Appointment well

A sample of Pregnancy Notes Booklet can be found here

How did your GP and Booking go?

IMG-20151002-WA0003 (2)